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The monster within

29 Jul

Though there will always be those lines of dialogue that make me cringe and make up my own, the movie ‘Twilight’ continues to move me.  Vampires are a terrific vehicle to tell this story through.  I touched on this in my previous post, but the concept has continued to consume me.

Vampires are monsters.  Pure and simple.  Edward knows it.  Bella knows it.  You and I know it.  But here is what this little tween flick won’t let me forget.  This story isn’t about the humans.  It’s about the monsters.  It’s about us.

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My journey into ‘Twilight’

30 Jun

In the Darkness (a.k.a. Theater):

Am I the one person left in the United States who had not seen any of the ‘Twilight’ films until last night? It certainly felt like it. On a whim yesterday I went looking for three movies worthy of a triple feature’s worth of my time on my day off and found ONE ticket remaining for the ‘Twilight’ Trilogy showing last night. Since I hadn’t seen any of them but have heard so much about them, the timing was perfect, and so I clicked. Lit fans, consider yourselves warned: I haven’t read the books, and am therefore completely ignorant of any details the film missed. Normally, I’d be put off by someone who had not read the source material for adapted work, but in this case, I felt a sense that this was a gift to have a fresh perspective on all three films at once.
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