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12 flicks of Christmas

13 Dec

My gift to you this year is to share the random flicks I most love to watch every holiday season each day until Christmas.  Perhaps I should preface this list with the admission that there are a couple of “standard” Christmas flicks I have never seen, as well as a famous and much-loved flick that I do not love — you may not find what you’re expecting on a Christmas movie-watching list.  I can’t help but hope this silly list will offer you something new you’ve never seen before, or a new perspective on something you have, or just a brief glimpse into the bizarre recesses of my mind.  Try to enjoy at least one a day…or better yet, treat yourself to a colossal one-day pajamathon.

Christmas Flick #12 – The Great Muppet Caper

No, you’re not crazy.  There is no Christmas in this movie.  But that’s not my criteria here. Continue reading