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Happy OETA Day

28 Apr

Today was OETA’s annual day at the state capitol, and I’m so pleased I was able to attend for the first time with Elizabeth.  The OETA staff was extremely welcoming and gracious.  If you’re not following them on both tv stations and social media, you’re missing out!  There were so many children who showed up to hang out with the OETA Kids characters, but there was plenty other fun for grown-up fans like us.  We love and support our local PBS!

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Live long and see Cumberbatch

17 May


I am not a Trekkie.  And this is a sequel.  But Star Trek: Into the Darkness is so good, I’ve already seen it twice in IMAX since it opened on Wednesday.

The temptation to spoil this movie for you is exceedingly great, but this time I won’t.  Must.  Preserve.  Viewing.  Pleasure.  At.  All.  Cost.  But I do have to tell you why you have to see it.

Every character and actor cast in this film is a keeper.  The beauty of such a well-built ensemble cast is that they lend additional strength to each other on screen.  Look for the scene where Kirk and Spock visit the brig to interrogate newly apprehended John Harrison.  Watch Quinto’s face while Cumberbatch performs…and see if you can breathe.  I couldn’t.  I already thought Benedict Cumberbatch hung the moon, but now I know it —  I was as stunned as the shuttle crew watching the string bean I knew as Sherlock (please understand I mean that in the most affectionate way possible) single-handedly dismantle a regiment of Klingon troops. Continue reading

Plum giddy

28 Jul

Just plum giddy. On the set of ‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’ with Miss Wisabus. Photo by Miss Wisabus.

I get plum giddy when I discover a new gem in the blogosphere…especially when one of them comes from the pen of a friend! Over the last few months I’ve unearthed a few, so now I’ve updated my blogroll, and I’m sharing the link luv with you:

Act OneMy screenwriting alma mater and a fabulous film family to become a part of. Now with blog.

Church of the Masses – The blog of Barbara Nicolosi: ‘theaters are the new church of the masses’

Cracked Pot Productions – This one is my own film production blog. Not updated often because I spend much more time here, but just in case you’re glutton for punishment.

First Rate Single Life – The blog of my Act One WP ’09 classmate Liz…who truly lives a first rate single life.

The Fowl Family – Better than reality tv…the blog of my friend Libby that follows her family drama of raising, growing, befriending, and eating chickens and guinea hens.

History With Mr. C – History teacher, coach & Christian.

Jill Brownlee – Producer/writer/fellow Act One alumni embarking on the journey of starting her own company.

Josh McKamie – Shooter of movies, co-founder of GoodDayJorge.com…visual magician.

Life in the Little Things – The blog of my friend Tiffany, a fellow redhead.

Miss Wisabus – The blog of my friend the writer, aspiring domestic goddess, and totalitarian dictator…who co-hosts Picture Shows & Petticoats with me.

My Life & Times – An op-ed blog by a foster/adoptive father and my go-to chef for advice, Jason.

The Personal Blog of Dr. John H. Watson – If you follow Sherlock, you know exactly what this is. If you don’t, please do.

The Pioneer Woman – Well, obviously.

Project Purple – The blog of my pal Wendi who loves purple…and is one of the most creative moms I know.

Toye’s Platforms – The blog of fellow Okie film fatale Toye. She loves shoes and movies. And she’s seriously talented to boot.

Two-Handed Warriors – The blog of Gary David Stratton, who served as the Director of Act One during my time in the Writing Program. Far more than just a blog — it’s a community network. And check out his blogroll.