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Note to self:

2 Aug


Woke up at 4:30am today sick in spirit and body…and with this important newsflash for myself. So today I’m going to try to keep in mind that I am not a failure for not being able to change the world and make everything right. I will be a success when I allow Him to…especially in me.

Many blessings on your time with Him today!

4 reasons I watched the Royal Wedding

1 May

My first reaction to the news of the broadcast was, “Eh.”  After all, I’m not British, I don’t know this couple, and why should it matter to me?  But the closer it got, I began remembering how as a child I got out of bed early (a significant feat, I assure you) to watch the groom’s parents marry in 1982.  Charles & Di were not our king & queen, either.  As a child I think it meant something to me for two reasons: one, there is always something magical about a man and woman who love each other, and two, I loved history and tradition, and the British offer this in spades.

So I decided I’d go ahead and watch it…at least for the sake of my own personal tradition.  Can’t watch one generation without watching the next.  But so much has changed since 1982.  Though human nature may still be the same, the world has dramatically changed.  There seems to be so much more apathy than there was then.  Not to mention a great deal more technology and voyeurism.  “Really, Jennifer.  You’re not a child anymore.  Do you really need to get up in the middle of the night to watch a total stranger’s wedding on tv?  At the very least someone could DVR the thing for you.”  My internal older sibling is always sensible, but terribly annoying.  And sensibility is not always right. Continue reading