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Good-bye 2013

7 Jan

There have been many miles on my Oklahoma road, and much to share!  Though it’s been a challenge to find time to blog this year, it has much to do with how the year brought about so many exciting things for me…since my last post.

In April, I accepted a part-time social media management job for a wonderful, small, local Oklahoma business.  Every part of how it happened and what I get to do is a blessing.  It has greatly impacted my outlook — it’s shown me a new view of what I am capable of and what is possible out there in this wonderful www.  It’s given me encouragement and opened a new door.  And it has brought me new friends.  Most likely I won’t be sharing it here with you, but if you happen to be looking for a freelance social media specialist, please feel free to email me.

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Lost in Love over baby goats, (pale) blue ribbons & chocolate-covered, bacon-wrapped, deep-fried anything

15 Sep


The gorgeous and glamorous Elizabeth Michelle and I made our annual pilgrimage to the deep-fried Great State Fair of Oklahoma yesterday, and we had a fabulous time. This year we had a little more time to spend, and did a little more planning on our events to take in, and boy, was it worth it.

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The Great State Fair

24 Sep

(Above photo courtesy of Elizabeth Crumpler)

On Thursday, my pal Miss Wisabus and I ventured out to the “Great State Fair of…Oklahoma.”  I considered live-tweeting our adventure, but when you have to choose between juggling your iPhone or your funnel cake, the funnel cake always wins.  It’s a hard truth.
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