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Tourist on the Town: Oklahoma City, OK

6 Sep

Photo courtesy Memories by Sandra D

When wagons first rolled in to Oklahoma City, there’s no way anyone could’ve imagined how this city that sprang up in a day would become a sprawling oasis in fly-over territory. It’s a laid-back life with oh-so-many things to see, do…and eat! So get your glam on and discover the hidden gem that is OKC.



Dine in world-class style 726.2 feet above the ground. Vast is a feast for both the palate and the eyes, nestled in the clouds at the top of the new Devon Tower downtown. Make your reservations in time to catch the glorious Oklahoma sunset while you enjoy modern cocktails and exceptional American cuisine.

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My first film festival

25 Jun

I had to keep pinching myself Thursday night after I picked up my badge.



That’s no trivial label. At least not to me. The laminated purple card was a flashing green light of proof that I can do it…hard evidence of non-amateur status. There were others wearing the same badge who had done “really important work” or come from places like Sundance. And I was wearing the same badge as them. It may be the closest to the edge of the twilight zone I’ve ever come. I don’t want to touch the sun — it’s far too hot — but it was nice to be warm for a little while. Continue reading