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Live long and see Cumberbatch

17 May


I am not a Trekkie.  And this is a sequel.  But Star Trek: Into the Darkness is so good, I’ve already seen it twice in IMAX since it opened on Wednesday.

The temptation to spoil this movie for you is exceedingly great, but this time I won’t.  Must.  Preserve.  Viewing.  Pleasure.  At.  All.  Cost.  But I do have to tell you why you have to see it.

Every character and actor cast in this film is a keeper.  The beauty of such a well-built ensemble cast is that they lend additional strength to each other on screen.  Look for the scene where Kirk and Spock visit the brig to interrogate newly apprehended John Harrison.  Watch Quinto’s face while Cumberbatch performs…and see if you can breathe.  I couldn’t.  I already thought Benedict Cumberbatch hung the moon, but now I know it —  I was as stunned as the shuttle crew watching the string bean I knew as Sherlock (please understand I mean that in the most affectionate way possible) single-handedly dismantle a regiment of Klingon troops. Continue reading