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‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’ ep19 – The one where we invite Edith to go to India

5 Feb

‘Downton Abbey’ s4e4 – Higher & holier

3 Feb

“I don’t accept there is any shame in this.  You’re not spoiled.  You’re made higher to me, and holier because of the suffering you have been put through.” – Bates

It’s finally Bates’ turn.  This is his episode for heartbreak, detective work, and the beginning of his journey toward justice…or revenge.  The husband rises alone in his no longer cozy cottage, Anna rises alone in her attic room in the Abbey, and the two who have fought so hard to be one are now living their lives separately.  And Bates still has no idea why.  His grief drives him to eavesdrop on Anna’s conversation with Mrs. Hughes and threaten to quit and leave forever if Mrs. Hughes doesn’t tell him what’s happened.  If he didn’t care so much for Anna, he would not have gone to so much trouble.  Or have been so devastated by the truth she had to relate…and the lie. Continue reading

‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’ ep 18 – In which there’s more catnip

3 Feb

‘Downton Abbey’ s4e3 – ‘Honesty is the best policy’

3 Feb

My heart broke all over again as Anna walked so slowly across the opening shot.  She’s not the same woman, and maybe I’m not the same Downton Abbey viewer.  Since there’s no going back, my greatest hope is for justice for her…and it cannot happen too soon.

She accidentally seats herself next to Green (her attacker) at breakfast and then launches away from the table to her chores.  She won’t let Bates touch her, won’t tell any of the Crawleys when they ask after her, and she blames herself for what’s happened.  I love Mrs. Hughes’ counsel with all of my heart…

“I wish you would decide that honesty is the best policy.” – Mrs. Hughes Continue reading

‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’ ep17 – The one with more than just technical difficulties

19 Jan

‘Downton Abbey’ season three returns!!!

15 Jan

We’ve waited and waited and waited…and really started to feel like Amy Pond…then waited some more…but Downton Abbey season three has finally returned to PBS!!!  Somehow my new year does not truly begin until the day our Downton returns to us from afar across the Pond.  Welcome back to the States, Crawleys!

Once again, Downton Abbey is so beautifully orchestrated and filmed…it’s as if Carson and his magnificent standards have a hand in the very filming itself.  I’m always so sad that there are so few episodes in a season of Downton Abbey, but for the sake of Trans-Atlantic relations, and in an attempt to be more like Lady Grantham, I will try to learn to accept it gracefully.  Still the same touching moments.  Still the same familiar characters we’ve grown to love and loathe. Continue reading

For your viewing pleasure…Episode 1 of ‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’

16 Jan

Again, my sincerest apologies.  There is a reason I prefer to be behind the camera.  🙂  A big thank you to Miss Wisabus for inviting me to participate, for her hard work editing…and for her clever sense to put outtakes at the end.