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‘Downton Abbey’ s5e7 – Isis finally sees the vet

1 Mar

Sparks fly when Mama Bear finds out her cub has been pregnant, born her another grandchild and been grieving for her fiancé. Cora finally gets the truth about Edith…from Mrs. Drew. Whoops.

But then it’s game on. It’s an all-girl Team Crawley off to London in search of Edith and a mission to restore her to the fold. Forget society. Let’s get this girl — and grandchild — home. The audacity of Edith to abuse Mrs. Drew made her all the things she whines about Mary calling her. Put Edith side by side with someone like Baxter for a minute. Edith is a snob about the truth of her situation, full of self-pity rather than taking responsibility for her own actions. She’s the one who wrote to the Turkish ambassador…what does she expect from Mary or from her own life? Just when I start feeling sorry for her she goes and feels it all for herself. That poor Marigold is back at a strange hotel being babysat by random strangers instead of Edith or Mrs. Drew. Hardly sounds jolly to me. Continue reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

17 Mar

When I think of Ireland, I think of a place that has known more than its share of sad and difficult days.  But those things only make me grateful for my Irish ancestry because it is a reminder to me of their determination to overcome.  It speaks to me of our faithful Lord who will not abandon us in our trials.  He will come to us.  And no matter what evil befalls us, He is greater, and His grace endures forever.  I don’t need green food coloring.  I don’t need to wear green (I tell people my red hair is Irish enough and if they pinch me they’ll find out how much).  I’d much rather celebrate the substance at the heart of an overcoming people.

One of my favorite albums is In Christ Alone featuring music from three different recording artists: Margaret Becker, Maire Brennan (of the Irish group Clannad), and Joanne Hogg (of the British group Iona).  The album is a testament to unity in worship between Catholic and Protestant, Irish and British and American.  It’s a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day greeting card for our loving Creator.  One of my favorite songs from the album is “Jesus Draw Me Ever Nearer”:

Continue reading