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Last minute mall outfits for Halloween

28 Oct

Cheesy plastic costume sets from the party store will do in a pinch, but for those of us ladies who prefer to achieve a higher quality style — and acquire fun new pieces we can wear again — here are some outfit starter ideas available on the rack right now at your local department store: Harry Potter Qudditch

Start with this super fun tunic from Karen Kane — it’s got a hoodie and black pleather lower arm patches. For the Hogwarts look,

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And here I thought I’d have all this time on my hands…

19 May

Now that I’m between jobs I thought there’d be plenty of time to find a new job, catch up on projects, write a few screenplays, read a few books and nap a lot. Not sure where I got that idea:

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My summer in (mostly) tweets

5 Sep

Turtle stalking

  • Spent a tornado-free summer in OK. Hallelujah. Amen.
  • Went to the OKC Farmers Market for the first time (the actual one at OSU, not to be confused with the building that still bears the name but has nothing to do with any sort of produce and makes MapQuest go berserk).
  • Experienced new health challenges that have made me grateful for all the ones I don’t have.
  • Tried Minx nails.
  • Made new friends volunteering for OETA.
  • Discovered a new obsession with creativity (and Pinterest) I never knew I had.
  • Dog birthdays.
  • Family birthdays.
  • The VERY BEST Harry Potter Marathon EVER.
  • Stalked a turtle.
  • Repaired lid switches on two washing machines. The second being somewhat anti-climactic when I forgot to plug the machine back in before I turned it on.
  • Learned how to make frittata.
  • Ate vast amounts of frittata.
  • Won tix to see Michael Buble. Sigh.
  • Read the Hunger Games series. Viewed Catching Fire about one million times. Learned how to rock ‘The Katniss.’
  • Celebrated a birthday by doing inventory.
  • Caught three free movies under the stars in the Myriad Gardens. Next year I will catch more.
  • Became addicted to Fixer Upper.
  • Kept a chemical-free lawn. Easier earlier in the summer rather than later. Enticed by the virtues of clover as low, shady ground cover.
  • Read Warm Bodies. Great read. Movie delightful in spite of differences…and arguably more loveable.
  • Reacted rather irritably to images of new Wonder Woman costume. NOTHING says kick ass like a woman in tall red boots. Anybody can wear black.
  • Mourned the loss of the life skill of letter writing…and envelope addressing…by buying stationary for each niece and teaching random humans how to complete a thank you note.
  • Learned after 25 years of life in Oklahoma that Braums shakes can be ordered EXTRA THICK. You’re dead to me, Okies. You’re welcome, worldwide web.
  • Took a deep breath and made a phone call that could potentially change my life. But at the very least it has stretched me and gained me new/renewed relationships. I won’t tell you what it’s about, but will say that you’ll be the first to know when there’s fruit on the tree.

Now for my most favoritest season of the year. I can already smell the baked apples. Onward into Fall!

2011 summer @ the movies

21 Aug

So I’m taking a more unusual approach to my movie posting this summer — I’m posting at the end of the summer instead of the beginning.  Yeah.  I’m a maverick.  But what that actually means is that there’s just not a lot to say about what was out there this year.  So for those of you planning what to put in your Netflix cue or to buy for a Christmas gift, here are my two cents.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides
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Farewell, Harry Potter

15 Jul

Just one last sweet ride on Hogwarts Express.  And bittersweet it was.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 gets my five star rating for best adaptation of the 8-part film series.  Harry, Ron and Hermione are ready to take one last stab at the horcruxes.  And stab these filmmakers do at the heart and conclusion of this generation-changing children’s series.

Since I hate spoiling things and expect you to do your duty and see this film at the theater, preferably this weekend, and then again later on, of course, I’m only going to share the bits with you that impacted me the most.  (And I hope you will come back by and comment with your own thoughts after you’ve seen the film!) Continue reading

Lumos maxima! HP 7.1 opens

19 Nov

Last night I caught the midnight showing of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 with some good friends.  The movie was good, but overall it was a great experience: Continue reading

A fantastic vehicle for Magic-seekers

19 Aug

As children who morph into adulthood (become teens), we go from having our identities based on how our family sees us to how society (school, peers) sees us. The accursed self-awareness gene strikes overnight, and suddenly we begin to realize how different we are from everyone else…while being the same as everyone else at the same time. We have no clue what’s happened to us or why we’re feeling the way we are. Movies about magic are not really about practicing witchcraft. They are about us, about people born with gifts that make them both special and a freak. They help teens, tweens, and grown-ups, consider who they are, where they fit, and why they are.
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