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My new favorite sandwich

21 Mar

I went into the kitchen the other day to slap together some tuna sandwiches, but suddenly got a creative twitch and wound up with something so tasty I had to share.  A good food addict cannot be an addict alone.


Start by making your tuna salad.  I prefer mine with boiled eggs, real mayo, spicy mustard and Mrs. Dash. Continue reading

Black bean heaven

7 Aug

Happy Sunday, y’all!  Here are two recipes guaranteed to make you praise the Lord and impress your mother-in-law when she comes for brunch.  No one needs to know that they are vegetarian or highly nutritious…that can just be our little secret. Continue reading

Happy Guacamole Day!

6 Sep

Why celebrate Labor Day the plain, old-fashioned way when you could be the hit of the party?  No more store-bought guacamole or waiting until you have time to go to Cantina Laredo to get your fresh guacamole fix.  So here’s how to savor the flavor yourself.  (WARNING: These recipes may change your mind about avocados if you’ve never been a fan.)

  Continue reading