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Christmas flick #7

18 Dec

Trading Places

It was getting to chick-flicky in here for me and I had to take a break.  This fabulous modern take on “The Prince and the Pauper” will rock your world.  Two wealthy well-bred elderly brothers make a bet with each other to ruin two “little” people’s lives to get their jollies.  Have you ever known anyone like that?  Or maybe the real question is have you ever known (or been) anyone who has had their life yanked around by someone else?  Don’t answer that.

Life is up one minute and down the next, or vice versa, but these two strangers on the receiving end of a cruel prank pull themselves up by their bootstraps and do something about it.  Choices are the glorious ornaments of life. Continue reading

Christmas flick #10

15 Dec

A Child’s Christmas in Wales

I’m giving you this one early in the list so you can get in line for a copy of it from the library before the big day…or order it from Amazon if you really want to treat yourself.  This is a much more serious show than the first irreverent two on my Christmas movie list, and it’s on a much smaller scale.  It’s only an hour long, it’s quiet, and it’s based on the beautiful poem by Dylan Thomas.

Continue reading