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Oy with the ‘Beautiful Creatures’ (books)

4 Mar

Back in December I saw the new trailer for Beautiful Creatures and was interested in finding out more about the story.  I figured, I’ve got almost two months before it comes out…I’ll read the books.  So I hit the library and spent a week or two in January getting through them.

Yes, I did say ‘getting through them.’

This blog post is NOT intended as a book review.  I did not make any formal notes to share, but I did want to toss out a couple of general impressions about the book series now that the movie is out in theaters.

I love the young adult genre.  I am generally prejudiced in favor of any book with a cover bearing that description.  And I also knew others liked it when I sat down to read this.  Who can argue with the ‘New York Times Best-seller’ label on the cover?

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