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Revelations from a snoring dog

8 Nov

So the other night I switch off the lights and I’m trying to snuggle down into blissful sleep when my dog starts snoring louder than a 747 at take-off. Continue reading

The fairy tale of little Roo

9 Jul

Once upon a time…

…in a neighborhood not so far away, there lived a little dog named Roo.  In spite of how much Roo loved to give kisses and cuddle, his mom moved away without him, leaving him unprotected against the wicked step-dogs who still lived there with their mom.  So he waited.  And finally one day, the front door opened, and out he went.

Freedom!  No one came after him.  So he stretched his legs, unaware of the world and curious about all it had to offer.  After a while he started to feel lonely.  And a little thirsty.  So he slowed down, sat under a tree, and thought about the lovely water bowl in the house he had left.  “Maybe if I get close enough, I can tell when it’s safe to go back.”  But he knew it would never be safe.  What was he going to do?

Continue reading

Adventures in motherhood

17 Nov

This week we find our heroine making a visit to Lowe’s.  Not for home improvement merchandise, no, for a Light Bulb Changing Extension Rod.  Not for changing light bulbs, no.

First I extended it out the entire 11 feet.  Then I duct taped my rake pole to it for another five feet.  Then I duct taped my flashlight to close end of the rake pole.  Then I duct taped my garden hand claw thing to the far end.  Then I Continue reading