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My new favorite things…just in time for winter

9 Nov


Desperation has led me to a wealth of glorious awesomeness, and I must share. My skin is always dry, but last winter it was way past dry…cracking and bleeding every day and nearly every time I touched anything. I’ve tried Neutrogena, Bath & Body Works, Jergens, Vaseline and a host of other over-the-counter products. I’ve tried eating lots of olive oil and avocados and berries and reducing carbs and hormone supplements. But no luck. I was miserable and desperate to find a cure and asking God to provide the answer I needed.

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I went shopping

23 Feb

My haul from the annual Friends of the Library book sale — 12 books and 21 CDs were a steal at $19.50.  Went looking for Jane Austen & Narnia–no luck–but I did manage to find books from four of my favorite series (including one of my favorite authors), some of which are out of print!

library book sale