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Muffin update #1: the shopping adventure

11 Nov

It’s getting hard to find anything I want at Walmart these days.  Case in point: Spice Cake Mix.  How can they not have Spice Cake Mix…and at Thanksgiving?  And guess what happened to me when I went to Homeland to get Spice Cake Mix?  Not only did I find it, but I also found other things I overpaid for at Walmart: Continue reading

It’s the great muffin bake-off, Charlie Brown!

11 Nov

It all began with one glorious bite of a Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin.  I sliced the muffin in half to save part for later (and ration my carb intake), but I couldn’t stop till the whole thing was gone.  Drat Starbucks and their vicious plot to infiltrate my diet!

But Romans 8:28 tells us that God can work all things for the good.  And so it is. Continue reading

Happy Guacamole Day!

6 Sep

Why celebrate Labor Day the plain, old-fashioned way when you could be the hit of the party?  No more store-bought guacamole or waiting until you have time to go to Cantina Laredo to get your fresh guacamole fix.  So here’s how to savor the flavor yourself.  (WARNING: These recipes may change your mind about avocados if you’ve never been a fan.)

  Continue reading

Greatest breakfast omelets EVER

21 Aug

In my quest for the carb-free(ish) life, I’ve stumbled upon two of the Greatest Breakfast Omelets Ever.  So good, in fact, I feel I must share them with the world, for they may actually even bring about world peace.

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