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Good-bye 2013

7 Jan

There have been many miles on my Oklahoma road, and much to share!  Though it’s been a challenge to find time to blog this year, it has much to do with how the year brought about so many exciting things for me…since my last post.

In April, I accepted a part-time social media management job for a wonderful, small, local Oklahoma business.  Every part of how it happened and what I get to do is a blessing.  It has greatly impacted my outlook — it’s shown me a new view of what I am capable of and what is possible out there in this wonderful www.  It’s given me encouragement and opened a new door.  And it has brought me new friends.  Most likely I won’t be sharing it here with you, but if you happen to be looking for a freelance social media specialist, please feel free to email me.

It took me months to complete a blog post on the tornadoes that descended on Oklahoma City in late May/early June. Continue reading

My new favorite sandwich

21 Mar

I went into the kitchen the other day to slap together some tuna sandwiches, but suddenly got a creative twitch and wound up with something so tasty I had to share.  A good food addict cannot be an addict alone.


Start by making your tuna salad.  I prefer mine with boiled eggs, real mayo, spicy mustard and Mrs. Dash. Continue reading

Black bean heaven

7 Aug

Happy Sunday, y’all!  Here are two recipes guaranteed to make you praise the Lord and impress your mother-in-law when she comes for brunch.  No one needs to know that they are vegetarian or highly nutritious…that can just be our little secret. Continue reading

Muffin update #3: the second recipe

20 Nov

Folks, I think we’ve found a winner.

I followed the recipe that Laurie sent me on Twitter, with a few minor revisions, and found the delightful muffin I’ll be serving at Thanksgiving dinner this year. Continue reading

Food Network virgin crashes on Pioneer Woman’s couch (updated)

17 Nov

That is what happened.  But that comes later.

Thanks to my blogger friend extraordinaire, the illustrious Miss Wisabus, I scored an invitation to one of the greatest tv events to hit rural Oklahoma in the history of television — Food Network’s Throwdown Thanksgiving 2010 special featuring none other than The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. Continue reading

Coming soon to a tube near you

13 Nov

Psst…the secret is out about how I was invited to join Miss Wisabus for a very special tv event.

I can’t tell you anything else…except that you should set your dials to the Food Network on November 17 at 8:00pm CT, and stop by here afterward for the inside scoop.

Muffin update #2: the first recipe

13 Nov

Verdict: Yummy.

This recipe was very easy to prepare and bake.  I did follow the suggestions given in the comments — I used ½ cup water and ½ cup milk and an egg to improve the texture.  Adding the cream cheese was a cinch.  I took a block of cream cheese and cut it into muffin-sized slivers and just pushed one down into the center of each muffin cup before baking. Continue reading

Muffin update #1: the shopping adventure

11 Nov

It’s getting hard to find anything I want at Walmart these days.  Case in point: Spice Cake Mix.  How can they not have Spice Cake Mix…and at Thanksgiving?  And guess what happened to me when I went to Homeland to get Spice Cake Mix?  Not only did I find it, but I also found other things I overpaid for at Walmart: Continue reading

It’s the great muffin bake-off, Charlie Brown!

11 Nov

It all began with one glorious bite of a Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin.  I sliced the muffin in half to save part for later (and ration my carb intake), but I couldn’t stop till the whole thing was gone.  Drat Starbucks and their vicious plot to infiltrate my diet!

But Romans 8:28 tells us that God can work all things for the good.  And so it is. Continue reading

Happy Guacamole Day!

6 Sep

Why celebrate Labor Day the plain, old-fashioned way when you could be the hit of the party?  No more store-bought guacamole or waiting until you have time to go to Cantina Laredo to get your fresh guacamole fix.  So here’s how to savor the flavor yourself.  (WARNING: These recipes may change your mind about avocados if you’ve never been a fan.)

  Continue reading

Greatest breakfast omelets EVER

21 Aug

In my quest for the carb-free(ish) life, I’ve stumbled upon two of the Greatest Breakfast Omelets Ever.  So good, in fact, I feel I must share them with the world, for they may actually even bring about world peace.

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