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TV, or not TV…that is the question

30 Mar

Act One is centered around writing for film, but they also offer an additional TV Track for those who wish to learn the world of tv writing as well.  When I filled out my application for Act One, I wasn’t sure if that was what I wanted to do or not, but as time went by I pretty much decided that I would go ahead and take the TV Track as well since I’m already out here anyway.  But today my interest got slightly blown out of the water. Continue reading

California groceries

30 Mar

They do actually have Dr. Pepper in California, and I was pleasantly surprised to find chickens for sale in the deli rather than being expected to sacrifice any.

My low-carb list: mayo, cheeses, lettuce, tomato, veggies, olives, eggs, chicken, whipping cream, pickles, Woolite, little bitty shampoo & conditioner, Diet Dr. Pepper, and decaf diet Arizona tea.

My total at Von’s (Safeway): $87.  Ouch. Continue reading

A prayerful look ahead

30 Mar

Here is a list of my major assignments and due dates to add to your prayer list: Continue reading

Getting real

30 Mar

This has been without a doubt one of the most challenging experiences of my life.

Class started Friday afternoon, but my journey started as far back as March.  Last week I left my home in the hands of a stranger, left my constant canine companion behind, said lots of goodbyes, and all alone, got in the car and pointed it west. Continue reading

Act One begins

30 Mar

Making new pals at the opening retreat at Mount St. Mary’s College.

Continue reading

Road trip to L.A.

30 Mar

A three day journey down good ol’ Route 66. Continue reading

Goodbye, Home

30 Mar

I said a bittersweet goodbye to my home and loved ones in OKC and headed west for the Act One Writing Program in Hollywood on Tuesday, July 7.  A long road trip ahead of me, and an even longer leap into an unknown career. Continue reading