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Food Network virgin crashes on Pioneer Woman’s couch (updated)

17 Nov

That is what happened.  But that comes later.

Thanks to my blogger friend extraordinaire, the illustrious Miss Wisabus, I scored an invitation to one of the greatest tv events to hit rural Oklahoma in the history of television — Food Network’s Throwdown Thanksgiving 2010 special featuring none other than The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. Continue reading

WWW (WGA/WB Wednesday)

4 Apr

What a great day.  Gotta tell you all about it.

We began our day with a private tour/reading time at the WGAW Foundation Library.  Looking back on it it seems so funny.  Here I’ve had all these opportunities to see how wild and crazy these Christian screenwriters are, but the library brought their studious passions to the surface again. Continue reading

A little glimpse into that which is writer purgatory

4 Apr

(Previously, on Sunday, August 2: There was much tossing and turning with no results.  Tried to conceive new story idea to write about but came up empty, and at approximately 8pm gave up and returned to old stinky script to rewrite.  Stared at it blankly for 3 hours.)

Monday, August 3, 2009

9:00am – Wakey, wakey.  Time for breakfast and chores.

10:00am – That’ll do.  Time to rewrite the script you’ve already spent a week writing.  Set myself up on the patio and came up with two other alternate opening ideas.  But which one? Continue reading

The 1st ever Act One Film Festival & annual Alumni BBQ

4 Apr

The 1st ever Act One Film Festival & Annual Alumni BBQ.  It was a 12-hour day, but it was terrific. Continue reading

‘Audience of One’

4 Apr

Yesterday we watched “Audience of One.”  The entire day was coordinated to revolve around discussions of ethics.  One might think that Christians don’t need to have conversations about ethics — but after watching this documentary it’s pretty obvious that we do.

I was so angry when I finished watching.  You know — the kind of angry I would normally get at Michael Moore, only this time it was directed at the “Christian” filmmakers this film is about.  Steaming.  Hot.  Red-headed.  Angry. Continue reading

‘Pitching Brilliance’

4 Apr

Pitching Brilliance

(Potentially NSFW)  This is a palate cleanser after a day like today. Continue reading


4 Apr

A trip to the Burbank AMC to watch the new Harry Potter movie together.  Instead of “cheese” it was “stupify!”

A side note to go along with what I was saying in my “Getting Real” post earlier — if you’re one of those people sticking to your guns about Harry Potter being evil, I really encourage you to pray further about it.  Continue reading