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Happy OETA Day

28 Apr

Today was OETA’s annual day at the state capitol, and I’m so pleased I was able to attend for the first time with Elizabeth.  The OETA staff was extremely welcoming and gracious.  If you’re not following them on both tv stations and social media, you’re missing out!  There were so many children who showed up to hang out with the OETA Kids characters, but there was plenty other fun for grown-up fans like us.  We love and support our local PBS!

oeta1-1 Continue reading

California Adventure 2012

6 Jul

It’s that time of year again — time to reconnect with my Act One family at our annual reunion.  This year — gulp — flights with Southwest tripled in price, so the length of my stay in LA was hijacked by the airlines.  Lucky for me I got to stay almost a week this time.  But it also meant my Act One friends had to put up with me longer this time.

I was blessed, blessed I tell you, to fly non-stop into LAX…and even more blessed to have a friend who was willing to make the drive down there to pick me up!  Miss Susie saved the day again — I arrived at LAX around 10pm on Wednesday night, and there she was at baggage claim with one question on her lips: “So what should we do first?  The Sprinkles ATM or the beach?  Or both?”  Well, both, silly. Continue reading

My first film festival

25 Jun

I had to keep pinching myself Thursday night after I picked up my badge.



That’s no trivial label. At least not to me. The laminated purple card was a flashing green light of proof that I can do it…hard evidence of non-amateur status. There were others wearing the same badge who had done “really important work” or come from places like Sundance. And I was wearing the same badge as them. It may be the closest to the edge of the twilight zone I’ve ever come. I don’t want to touch the sun — it’s far too hot — but it was nice to be warm for a little while. Continue reading

DCFF short screenplay finalist read-thru

16 Jun

For your viewing pleasure!

Thank you, deadCENTER! (updated)

9 Jun

Perhaps I should have mentioned what I’ve been doing this spring.

One of the reasons you haven’t heard much from me in a while is that I’ve been working on submissions to the Dead Center Film Festival in Oklahoma City. I’ve been reviving my short projects that remained incomplete from my time at the OCCC Film Program. My screenwriting class final, The Swing, and my capstone film born from the same script. Though my short film was not accepted into the festival, my screenplay was chosen as one of three finalists. Still not quite sure how — the honor bowls me over a bit.

Today is the big day. At 12:30pm there will be a table-read of the three finalist screenplays, and the audience will vote to determine the winner. I’m incredibly nervous…1) that my work will be on public display, my first baby with all it’s awkward freckles and flaws, and 2) that they sent me a badge that puts me in the privileged company of some seriously talented filmmakers (insert shiver here). You’re welcome to come. I’ll be the one quaking in my boots somewhere down front. Dude–my mom’s going to be there.

But most importantly I wanted to say thank you to the Dead Center Film Festival and community for this amazing honor and opportunity. I’ve been pinching myself ever since I got the acceptance email. I’m already a winner because those crazy folks were nice enough to think my words mean something. I never thought being included could be so humbling.

I’ve never done the film festival circuit, so I have no idea how the events of today will turn out. I wanted to post this now, beforehand, so that win or not, you would all know how much your support, encouragement, presence and prayers mean to me up front.

I do have a production blog that I began as a student at OCCC. You’re welcome to poke around there at Cracked Pot Productions–just keep in mind that it’s a work in progress, much like me. There’s a hilarious blog about the making of The Swing short film. It’s hilarious mainly because I learned far more about what NOT to do in filmmaking during that project than anything else. The film is still just shy of being complete, but once it is I will try again to enter it into Dead Center. Or at the very least have a screening for the dozens of volunteers who worked tirelessly on this project without one single dime of pay. I owe you guys forever!!!

Hope to see you there today. I think. 🙂


UPDATE 6/10: Congratulations to Ted Satterfield for winning the Best Short Screenplay Award! It was a great experience to be a part of, and I had a great time. Thanks so much to you all for your support and encouragement! Dead Center should be posting the video of the table-read at their website soon if you’d like to see for yourself.

My summer in review

3 Sep

In a word:  It was hot.

In May I experienced my first tornado working at the mall.  It’s very exciting to watch the cloudy sky go green…through a two-story glass ceiling because we wouldn’t all fit in the small exit hallways.  Once the first tornado had passed, we made our way down into the basement and found a chair, but no internet or bars on the phone because the lines were either overloaded or impossible to obtain through cement walls.  Tornadoes never usually bother me, but being so totally unconnected to what was going on out there undid me.  I’d like to sign up to not do that again, please. Continue reading

L.A. or bust

14 Aug

I can’t tell you how excited I was to rejoin my Act One family for a short reunion this summer.  It was a sunny Thursday when I flew out, but by the time I got in the air, there were some serious storm clouds gathering between me and my destination.  After a mechanical delay in Phoenix (on the same plane I’d already flown the distance from OKC on), I finally arrived in San Diego.

No typo.  I flew to San Diego to get to L.A.  That’s just how I roll. Continue reading

Food Network virgin crashes on Pioneer Woman’s couch (updated)

17 Nov

That is what happened.  But that comes later.

Thanks to my blogger friend extraordinaire, the illustrious Miss Wisabus, I scored an invitation to one of the greatest tv events to hit rural Oklahoma in the history of television — Food Network’s Throwdown Thanksgiving 2010 special featuring none other than The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. Continue reading

WWW (WGA/WB Wednesday)

4 Apr

What a great day.  Gotta tell you all about it.

We began our day with a private tour/reading time at the WGAW Foundation Library.  Looking back on it it seems so funny.  Here I’ve had all these opportunities to see how wild and crazy these Christian screenwriters are, but the library brought their studious passions to the surface again. Continue reading

A little glimpse into that which is writer purgatory

4 Apr

(Previously, on Sunday, August 2: There was much tossing and turning with no results.  Tried to conceive new story idea to write about but came up empty, and at approximately 8pm gave up and returned to old stinky script to rewrite.  Stared at it blankly for 3 hours.)

Monday, August 3, 2009

9:00am – Wakey, wakey.  Time for breakfast and chores.

10:00am – That’ll do.  Time to rewrite the script you’ve already spent a week writing.  Set myself up on the patio and came up with two other alternate opening ideas.  But which one? Continue reading

The 1st ever Act One Film Festival & annual Alumni BBQ

4 Apr

The 1st ever Act One Film Festival & Annual Alumni BBQ.  It was a 12-hour day, but it was terrific. Continue reading

‘Audience of One’

4 Apr

Yesterday we watched “Audience of One.”  The entire day was coordinated to revolve around discussions of ethics.  One might think that Christians don’t need to have conversations about ethics — but after watching this documentary it’s pretty obvious that we do.

I was so angry when I finished watching.  You know — the kind of angry I would normally get at Michael Moore, only this time it was directed at the “Christian” filmmakers this film is about.  Steaming.  Hot.  Red-headed.  Angry. Continue reading