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Christmas flick #8

17 Dec

Sleepless in Seattle

You can’t have one Hanks/Ryan Ephron film without the other.  Even though this film was released before You’ve Got Mail, I put it second in the list because this one doesn’t have any “bouquets of sharpened pencils” in it, so seasonally speaking I have to watch the other one first.

Sleepless in Seattle is romantic and dreamy and also a definite chick flick.  I adore how Sam treasured his wife while she was alive and continues to carry that treasure with him even though she’s gone.  His love for her keeps her alive, and helps me to remember how important and beautiful such a simple thing is. Continue reading

Christmas flick #9

16 Dec

You’ve Got Mail

I know a lot of guys don’t like this film, and I know there are folks who are not Ephron fans.  But I can’t help myself.  “Bouquets of sharpened pencils?”  Come on!  I watch this film whenever I’m feeling the seasons change…the fall, during Christmas, the dark of winter, when spring finally begins to appear.  Or just when I have a million flu-related kleenexes lying around everywhere.  I love that the story spans the seasons, and perhaps I could argue that the seasons themselves are characters in this film.  Whatever.  I just know that regardless of Kathleen’s weird relationship issues, this film helps me remember that the bad things in life only last for a season.  That after the old year comes the new one.  And it also taught me how to spell fox.  “F-O-X.”

These days the film is hitting a little closer to home in a different way. Continue reading

Christmas flick #10

15 Dec

A Child’s Christmas in Wales

I’m giving you this one early in the list so you can get in line for a copy of it from the library before the big day…or order it from Amazon if you really want to treat yourself.  This is a much more serious show than the first irreverent two on my Christmas movie list, and it’s on a much smaller scale.  It’s only an hour long, it’s quiet, and it’s based on the beautiful poem by Dylan Thomas.

Continue reading

Christmas flick #11

14 Dec

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Speaking of “enhancing your Christmas enjoyment”…if this movie does not speak volumes about what the holidays are or have been like in your house, then you and I may not have much in common.

Once upon a Christmas time, my family was sittin’ ‘round the table, saying grace over a Christmas dinner my mom had spent a week slaving over.  Everything was perfect, from the gleaming heirloom china, to the proper place settings, to the children in clean red and green clothes.  Until like Aunt Bethany, I just had to ask, “What’s that noise?” Continue reading

12 flicks of Christmas

13 Dec

My gift to you this year is to share the random flicks I most love to watch every holiday season each day until Christmas.  Perhaps I should preface this list with the admission that there are a couple of “standard” Christmas flicks I have never seen, as well as a famous and much-loved flick that I do not love — you may not find what you’re expecting on a Christmas movie-watching list.  I can’t help but hope this silly list will offer you something new you’ve never seen before, or a new perspective on something you have, or just a brief glimpse into the bizarre recesses of my mind.  Try to enjoy at least one a day…or better yet, treat yourself to a colossal one-day pajamathon.

Christmas Flick #12 – The Great Muppet Caper

No, you’re not crazy.  There is no Christmas in this movie.  But that’s not my criteria here. Continue reading