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The episode where the bunny hug is popular – ‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’ ep14

10 Mar

BONUS: Name that Doctor Who sidekick I dressed like for this episode.

The episode with pudding – ‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’ ep 13

7 Feb

The episode in black – ‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’ ep 12

7 Feb

In which we cover politics, religion & ‘Twilight’ – ‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’ ep 11

31 Jan

The one where we join #TeamEdith – ‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’ ep 10

31 Jan

‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’ also returns!

15 Jan

This is our first attempt at a live show.  Your patience is appreciated.  🙂  Fast forward about 5 minutes for it to start.

Our favorite period dramas: ‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’ ep 8

15 Jul

Miss Wisabus assigned me homework for the latest episode of Picture Shows & Petticoats: narrow down my top ten favorite period dramas.  Much easier said than done.

So I made a list, mournfully scratched a few titles off, and then randomly assigned numbers.  They’re all wonderful and worthy of #1 in their own way.

And since I had to scratch some off, I’m adding them back to my list below for your reading pleasure.

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Picture Shows & Petticoats, Ep 7

29 Apr

Better late than never!  Whatever will we do now that Downton Abbey is over???  Enjoy!

The episode in which we play with dolls – ‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’ ep 6

22 Feb

I’m not quite sure how we managed to cover a 2-hour episode of Downton Abbey into 28 minutes.  There are extra goodies in this vid that I did not cover in my blog post.  Enjoy with a steaming cuppa.

‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’ ep5

13 Feb

The episode in which Miss Wisabus blushes.  Enjoy.

The episode in which I oink — ‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’ ep 4

11 Feb

The episode where I (sort of) sing – ‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’ ep 3

5 Feb