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One last hurrah

6 Mar

img_3965Downton Abbey’s not over…yet. Only hours to go until the U.S. broadcast of the final episode EVER, and I’ve been slaving away in the social media kitchen all day cooking up lovely treats to savor this series since there won’t be anymore ever. [sobs quietly into her delicately embroidered monogrammed hanky]

Things to know:

I’ve set up an event on my Facebook page, and YOU’RE INVITED!

Fun fan things have been posted on all my social media channels today — have you followed me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Please do! (I only accept requests on my Instagram account. I don’t allow solicitors or spam-bots to follow me there.)

After my final live-tweeting of Downton Abbey to ever happen on this earth [more sobbing], join Elizabeth and I for a farewell to Downton episode of Picture Shows & Petticoats. The Google Hangouts link will be provided on Twitter at the end of the broadcast tonight.

Fix loads of tea and scones, adjust that tiara, and I’ll see you very, very soon.

Your friend in the impending Downtonpocalypse,



‘Downton Abbey’ s6e8 – “All our ships are coming in to port”…the hard way

6 Mar

If you follow my live-tweeting of the series, you know I can be pretty flippant and knee-jerky about the characters and plotlines. That’s just how my big mouth and I feel in the moment. But if all we ever did was live-tweet these shows we’d be party to the tremendous tragedy of missing the bigger picture. There are deeper things at work within the storyline of every ‘Downton Abbey’ episode that my not-so-witty commentary frequently misses without a few re-watches.

On first viewing I was irritated by Edith and Mary’s tiresome issues. They always seem to climb out of their own personal immaturities over the years to grow as people. But not as sisters? I just have a hard time buying that. Let’s take a quick look back: Season 1 Mary was spoiled, arrogant, and a tyrannical bully…but through the series the world around her changed hard and fast and taught her to revisit her expectations…for the most part. Season 1 Edith was sweet, spoiled, and slightly idiotic (a different kind of princess than Mary)…and over time she’s grown and regressed repeatedly. Kind of like Mary. Okay, let’s face it — these two are basically Elsa and Anna. Continue reading

‘Downton Abbey’ s6e7 – Carson falls asleep at the table

21 Feb

Busy, busy, busy episode. It’s like they’re trying to cram an extra season into our last couple episodes. And so they should…

“I should feel sorry for Larry if I didn’t dislike him so much.” ~ Dowager Countess Violet Crawley

Since we last saw her, Granny has regained her color and youthful vigor, seen the light, and forgiven the masses for their iniquity toward her. What’s truly lovely is that she’s as sad for how she’s treated others as she is for her own public defeat. She even sets out to make amends for her actions. No wonder she looks better. First, she books a ticket for a Mediterranean cruise (as penance, you know). Then she pays a wee little visit to our new friend Cruikshank. Turns out she really is a vixen with an agenda. Who knew? And finally she leaves Lord Grantham a small parting gift as a means of apology. And ALL is forgiven. Continue reading

‘Downton Abbey’ s6e6 – Donk lives!

14 Feb

“Even Elizabeth Bennet wanted to see what Pemberley looked like inside.” ~ Isobel Crawley

This was a most progressive and unusual episode. We’re practically in the ’40s.

Lord Grantham is alive…and confined to the bedroom. All family gatherings (and some servant feedings) must now converge within this hallowed and tiny space. Mary and Tom have decided to raise money for the village hospital by charging admission for a special open house at Downton. Thankfully, Edith’s beau Bertie comes for dinner and gets them organized. Crikey. It takes a village to survive the day. Continue reading

‘Downton Abbey’ s6e5 – Lord Grantham can’t stop erupting at the dinner table

7 Feb

“You’ll find there’s never a dull moment in this house.”

Poor Lord Grantham. The ambulance has returned to Downton Abbey following a whopper of a dinner party. Will Cora ever get the blood out of her clothes? I’m glad she had time to change her gloves and that Lord Grantham got his gastrectomy (though Carson assures us that’s none of our business), but to tell the truth, I was far more worried about Granny at the end of this episode than her son. Her palor by the end of the episode was downright scary.

Granny’s worked herself up into a fever pitch about losing control over the village hospital, and this episode she adds firing Denker, blackmailing the Minister of Health, watching her own son’s guts nearly explode and spilling the beans about Marigold to her mounting blood pressure. With only a few short episodes to go, I don’t expect Granny to make it through this season. Her days are numbered. Continue reading

‘Downton Abbey’ s6e4 – Butler for a Day

31 Jan

“The cat’s away, m’lady.” ~ Bates

All Thomas’ dreams have finally come true…he’s finally been promoted to Butler! Just don’t remind him that it’s only until Mr. & Mrs. Carson return from honeymoon. It explains the twinkle in his eye, the spring in his step…and the knife he plants in Gwen’s back at the dinner table. How the family can eat with his sour face looking over them, I don’t know.

GWEN RETURNS TO DOWNTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m hardly excited about it at all. Continue reading

‘Downton Abbey’ s6e3 – Wedding crashers

24 Jan

All I know is, when you casually throw a wedding in mid-season, there’s gotta be somethin’ crazy amazing heading our way the rest of the season. Hold that thought.

The Dowager’s in the last throws of desperation to hold on to village hospital as is. Cup of tea for Granny. Freight train’s a-comin’.

I’ve been a little confused this season about why Dr. Clarkson would side with the Dowager when he has always been a forward thinking voice of reason throughout the entire series. Watching this episode — watching the look on Dr. Clarkson’s face when Isobel attacks him unfairly — all the sudden I remembered his proposal to (and rejection by) Isobel. Is it possible that he’s taken Granny’s side against Isobel because of Isobel’s relationship with Merton? When Isobel refused Clarkson, didn’t she say something along the lines of “I’m just not really interested in marrying again?” And now she’s said yes to a local peer…when she said no before to the “lowly” local doctor. Ouch. Dr. Clarkson is a great guy, but he’s still human. I just wonder if the two things are connected. Continue reading