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Sole possession of the remote control

29 Mar

My married friends may get to hold hands and cuddle, but my spouseless life is not without its benefits.  Though she may have to miss Oprah so he can watch ESPN (for the good of marital harmony), I have sole possession of the remote control.

Never underestimate the power of a 24-hour chick zone. Continue reading

Christian Divorcée: Filling up the cracks between married and single

29 Mar

“Christian Divorcée” is like an oxymoron.  Divorce is not part of an orthodox Christian’s vocabulary.  But in 21st Century America, we don’t seem to have much of a choice.  How do we survive when the worst happens?  How do we cope with the pressures of society to be part of a couple in order to be “complete?”  Are fullness, meaning and purpose even possible for a party of one? Continue reading

Kicking things off with a blast from the past

29 Mar

Before I get started posting new material, to kick things off I’m going to go back in time a bit.  I’ll start with my previous work from and my Tumblr.  Though it may take a little time to get it all up, my new posts will make a lot more sense that way!