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A Father’s Day Love Letter

29 Mar

My father left when I was 16.  Since then I’ve wrestled with the bitterness of Father’s Day, but over time I’ve realized that I am not fatherless.  I do have something to share today that I don’t think Hallmark has a card for: Continue reading

Exactly how important is having a good boss?

29 Mar

Ever noticed how some bosses can make Michael Scott look like Mahatma Gandhi? Continue reading

Wedding bell blues

29 Mar

I have a rule.  And that rule is: I don’t go to weddings. Continue reading

Surviving a carb recession

29 Mar

On Wednesday, April 15, I went cold turkey off carbs.  It wasn’t pretty.  I had a house full of carbs intended to bribe nieces and nephews on their spring break sleepovers and the extent of my unprepared carb-free food stores included four eggs, one can of tuna, and a bag of shredded cheese.  Twenty-four hours later I was ready to barf if I ever saw cheddar cheese again.  I didn’t know if I would survive the day.  It felt like being all alone in the Sahara Desert, crawling on my last elbow with no hope of a watering hole.

Obviously carbs had a bit of a hold on me. Continue reading

How chastity can help you survive the recession

29 Mar

If you’re not married, I’ve got great news for you.  You can save a truckload of money by keeping your pants on.

One of the arguments I’ve heard given to smokers to help them quit is how much money they would save if they weren’t smoking.  You add up how many packs per day, find out how much it costs per month or year, and then add in the air fresheners, the teeth whitenings, and the cost for related medical treatment.  Cha-ching!

Sex isn’t any different.  Just think about it for a minute.  How does the cost of sex add up? Continue reading

‘More power! (Arr-arr-arr!)’

29 Mar

Tim the Tool Man Taylor used to say “More power!”  I couldn’t agree more.  Maybe we’re not as strong as the big boys, but just because we’re women doesn’t mean we can’t use power tools. Continue reading

Friday flick-pick: ‘An Ideal Husband’

29 Mar

You don’t have to have a husband, or an ideal one, to appreciate this witty romantic comedy from Miramax. Continue reading