Let’s have a Rewatch Party!

16 Aug

Today is ONE MONTH till the U.S. opening of the new Downton Abbey movie. Can you believe it’s already here?? If it weren’t for the real and actual movie trailer, I don’t think I’d believe it’s really happening.

So in honor of this Grand And Momentous Event, let’s get together for a virtual rewatch of the Greatest TV Show Ever Made.

There are six seasons. Each season has eight episodes plus a Christmas special — with the exception of season one which only had seven episodes — which brings us to a grand total of 52 episodes to rewatch in 28 days. Can we do this? YES, WE CAN.

On a deeply personal note, I have not rewatched any of Downton Abbey at any time since the PBS television broadcasts. Don’t judge me…I’ve just been saving it up for something special. LIKE A MOVIE OPENING.

Downton Abbey isn’t just great tv, it’s a game changer. You see yourself in it. You see your world in it. And like The Princess Bride, in spite of it’s “girly” wrapping, it speaks to everyone willing to watch it. So, I’m finally ready to dive back in and refresh my soul.

I’ve set up a group on Facebook for anyone who wants to rewatch in a community and share their (most polite, of course) thoughts. You are cordially invited to attend. And (shameless plug) feel free to peruse my previous blogging of each and every episode of Downton, plus my super fun vidcasts with Elizabeth Michelle at Picture Shows & Petticoats.

Sending out all my love and rewatching well wishes to our worldwide Downton Abbey Fan Family. See you soon!

(P.S. Don’t forget to GET YOUR TICKETS!)

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