One last hurrah

6 Mar

img_3965Downton Abbey’s not over…yet. Only hours to go until the U.S. broadcast of the final episode EVER, and I’ve been slaving away in the social media kitchen all day cooking up lovely treats to savor this series since there won’t be anymore ever. [sobs quietly into her delicately embroidered monogrammed hanky]

Things to know:

I’ve set up an event on my Facebook page, and YOU’RE INVITED!

Fun fan things have been posted on all my social media channels today — have you followed me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Please do! (I only accept requests on my Instagram account. I don’t allow solicitors or spam-bots to follow me there.)

After my final live-tweeting of Downton Abbey to ever happen on this earth [more sobbing], join Elizabeth and I for a farewell to Downton episode of Picture Shows & Petticoats. The Google Hangouts link will be provided on Twitter at the end of the broadcast tonight.

Fix loads of tea and scones, adjust that tiara, and I’ll see you very, very soon.

Your friend in the impending Downtonpocalypse,


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