‘Downton Abbey’ s6e7 – Carson falls asleep at the table

21 Feb

Busy, busy, busy episode. It’s like they’re trying to cram an extra season into our last couple episodes. And so they should…

“I should feel sorry for Larry if I didn’t dislike him so much.” ~ Dowager Countess Violet Crawley

Since we last saw her, Granny has regained her color and youthful vigor, seen the light, and forgiven the masses for their iniquity toward her. What’s truly lovely is that she’s as sad for how she’s treated others as she is for her own public defeat. She even sets out to make amends for her actions. No wonder she looks better. First, she books a ticket for a Mediterranean cruise (as penance, you know). Then she pays a wee little visit to our new friend Cruikshank. Turns out she really is a vixen with an agenda. Who knew? And finally she leaves Lord Grantham a small parting gift as a means of apology. And ALL is forgiven.

Can you imagine Denker in the south of France? Dear France, we’re very, very sorry…

But lucky Spratt gets a month of peace and quiet. Silver linings, Spratt.

“[Tom]’s the most sensible.” My, how far the old ways have fallen when the Dowager Countess calls her son’s former chauffeur the only member of the family she can rely on. The dude is Switzerland — his neutrality makes him indispensable.

Lord Grantham has recovered and is finally up and out of bed. Hooray!

“Yes, they attract. But do they live happily ever after?” ~ Lady Mary Crawley

The Abbey gets shut down for a day so the whole family can go to the car races. We need a NASCAR Crawley Tumblr post immediately. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!…sort of. Lord Grantham doesn’t wear a No. 3 shirt but Tom goes completely fangirl. I haven’t seen him lose his cool factor like that since season one. But it’s a very sad day for racing, and for the Crawleys, too, by way of Henry losing his best friend in a terrible accident…and Mary nearly losing her mind over another auto-related death. She’s full of compassion for the dishy Talbot, but their romance is over. Or is it?

“This is the first place I’ve found where I’ve laid down some roots.” ~ Thomas Barrow

Andy’s secret is out. Ever socially clumsy Daisy forces him to read at a mortifyingly public picnic (the school teacher is there, for Pete’s sake), and the cat’s out of the bag. He’s honest enough to tell the truth, but the school teacher happily pushes Thomas out of the way to make room for himself in Andy’s life. So Thomas took one step forward and ends up on the back row again.

That’s it — Mrs. Patmore MUST be married. Edith…Mary…yes, they’re all having lovely romances, but if Mrs. Patmore doesn’t get hitched by the end of this series it just won’t be right. Her B&B is open with successful prospects (though someone shady seems to be tracking her every move), she sorts out Daisy’s bad attitude (turns out it is jealousy after all), and she is as crafty a woman as ever lived. She devises a way for her partner in crime Mrs. Hughes to overcome her marital difficulties. The two women contrive an injury for Mrs. Hughes, and dinner plus clean-up detail become Mr. Carson’s responsibility. Fortunately he doesn’t fall face first in it.

Edith gets proposed to…again. Will this one stick? WILL IT???? Sorry. I’ll get myself together and try again. Bertie is lovely. Please don’t kill this one before the series ends. How will he react to the truth about Marigold? Edith chooses to approach it in a sly, diplomatic way that tests the waters, so to speak. She wins herself time to figure out a good way to tell him the whole story. If he can take it like a champ, I think they’ll make a very happy couple.

Now that Molesley’s prospects have improved, he’s “in a position to marry.” Go ring shopping quick, Molesley. Before Baxter knows what hit her.

Did you notice…

  • how the hat styles have changed?
  • that Mary actually once tries to be nice to Edith but gets smacked down?
  • if Tom likes smart women, do we think editor Laura will catch his eye?
  • that Henry’s eye color changes when he cries?
  • that “life” is now officially Elsie’s code word for Carson?
  • that Granny never gives gifts? The one gift in this episode makes it really stand out. What granny doesn’t give gifts?

We only have two more Sundays left with the Crawleys, kids. PBS will skip February 28 (Oscar Sunday). What should we do to celebrate/mourn the big finale? Suggestions welcome.

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