‘Downton Abbey’ s6e6 – Donk lives!

14 Feb

“Even Elizabeth Bennet wanted to see what Pemberley looked like inside.” ~ Isobel Crawley

This was a most progressive and unusual episode. We’re practically in the ’40s.

Lord Grantham is alive…and confined to the bedroom. All family gatherings (and some servant feedings) must now converge within this hallowed and tiny space. Mary and Tom have decided to raise money for the village hospital by charging admission for a special open house at Downton. Thankfully, Edith’s beau Bertie comes for dinner and gets them organized. Crikey. It takes a village to survive the day.

The best part of the whole episode is watching the family members — those who have lived their lives under Downton’s roof — not know the answers to anyone’s questions. It’s like the Crawleys have to sit for a Downton test and fail. Have they ever failed at anything in public before?

God bless Isobel for her Austen reference. If only Mr. Darcy would pop out of the cake…

Also showing up for the big day is Lord Merton’s future daughter-in-law. Miss Crookshank is quite cozy and in stark contrast to her fiance…or is she? First question: Someone actually wants to marry Larry? Second question: Someone nice actually wants to marry Larry? Third question: Is the hair on the back of your neck standing up like mine is? I smell an O’Brien. That girl has got plans.

Well, Mary’s changed her mind about rising to the occasion with her sister. Pamuk? What’s a Pamuk? That girl is downright ugly when she’s acting ugly. Why so much catty? Is she jealous of Edith? I need someone to enlighten me with theories, please.

Speaking of jealousy, Mrs. Patmore certainly covets what Mrs. Hughes has, and I would love to see her happy. Mr. Mason sends a note — which Daisy tries to get rid of — and wants to send another in return — which Daisy doesn’t want her to do. That girl has become the most tiresome character of season six.

“You always knew he was old to be trained as a husband.” ~ Mrs. Patmore

Carson is downright falling apart not living in the manor. That poor man is miserable if every knife and fork and cloth and person is polished to perfection. Hughes has the patience of a saint…but how long can she take it before she sends him back to live there? There’s NO WAY this man can run a b&b without a meltdown.

Mrs. Patmore owns a telephone.

Poor, poor, poor Evelyn. The look on his face breaks my heart.

Henry’s still as charming as ever. Such a great character…charming without being gooey or conceited…charming by nature rather than design. He and Mary share a moment in the rain (well, she’s already had snow), so we know there’s plenty more to look forward to.

Edith needs a Sybil Mirror Moment of her own this episode. It may not change Mary for Edith to change her attitude, but it would certainly make her a prettier person…and leave the door open just in case Mary ever wants to crawl over the threshold. It’s a lovely when she brings Bertie upstairs to the night nursery. “God bless you, Marigold,” is a beautiful way to start a relationship. And I assume he probably also impressed the heck out of his lordship. Just wondering: What does Bertie think about Mary? Will the new beaus change anything or will these women part ways, never to see one another again at some near point?

“Golly, they’ve sacked the captain.” ~ Lady Grantham

Not only did the Dowager not get her way, but due to her manor of warfare, she’s now out of a job. Well, she didn’t have a heart attack last episode, but I still wouldn’t be surprised if she did. Soon.

Both upstairs and down, the characters are all moving like a freight train toward a much more modern future. Only three more episodes to go, folks…and then it’ll be tears in my porridge until someone is nice enough to write the prequel or sequel.

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