‘Downton Abbey’ s6e2 – Goodbye, Drewes

17 Jan

Before we get to this week, I’d like to mention that I’ve updated my episode 1 recap with a couple of additional thoughts. Since PBS is broadcasting each episode six times this season (plus online streaming), repeat watching is positively inevitable. The glorious thing about repeat watching is that good stories are like onions…each time you peel a layer back, you find a lovely new one underneath. Not to mention that a few days in your life can completely change your outlook or how the story is able to impact your life. I always watch Downton Abbey at least twice before blogging…it allows the flavors of the story to marry a little better together before it’s ready to share. Like simmering marinara, repeat watching is a beautiful thing.

And now for this week’s recap…

Letters from America!! If you were still pouring your tea at the opening of this episode you may have missed the lightning fast mention of Tom’s business opening in Boston and Rose out on the town in New York City. I predict that Tom will strike it rich in the States so that Sybbie will return to England as the next Cora, and that Atticus Aldridge had better take a lot, a lot of vitamins to keep up with his wife. I have these recurring nightmares, I mean, visions of Rose unsupervised in the Big Apple among Americans while her husband is working at the office all day…spin off!!

“It’s my job.” – Mary, future Countess of Grantham

QUOTE OF THE YEAR. Did Lady Mary Crawley actually utter those words? My brain may have exploded a little. If you’re keeping count, that’s now THREE Downton daughters who have become employed in some form. What is this world coming to? Clearly Edith has no head for the newspaper business or that would have been her front page story: Lady Mary, Pig Farmer Supervisor/Livestock Award Acceptor.

“Well done us.” – Lady Edith, Co-Livestock Award Acceptor in Lieu of Pig Farmer Who Actually Raised Pigs/Life Destroyer of Same Pig Farmer Who Kept Her Secret While Also Raising Her Child

I’m so off Edith this episode I can barely see straight.

“I think it’s for the best.” – Lady Edith

The impertinence of Her Imperial Majesty to use the Drewe’s and then blame them for the situation she created. No responsibility. No accountability. Daddy there to make the kind, hard-working, family-devoted, century-invested-on-the-estate tenants pack up and leave instead of doing the right thing. It was not right for Mrs. Drewe to take Marigold, but if Edith was really so worried about Marigold, she should have brought the child with her to London. But dithering about this plot hole is irrelevant…clearly Mr. Mason is the real issue. Is all this insanity just a way of making room for Mr. Mason on the estate? Boo, hiss. No good deed goes unpunished, Mr. Drewe.

Clearly Edith feels herself badly treated by Mr. Skinner this season. He’s the quintessential editor storming around with deadlines and advertisers hanging over his head in a cut-throat industry. Is it just possible that the titled heiress with an occasional column doesn’t know as much as he does about how to run a successful paper? Is it just possible that she isn’t filling the role of publisher as Mr. Skinner needs her to? Much as I’m not a fan of the screaming at anyone, let alone your employer, I have to say I don’t think I would want to work for Edith in that situation. I don’t know if I’d even want to work for her as the head of the Ladies Home Journal. She’s a recipe for poor circulation.

Anna is keeping too many secrets from Bates. This is also tiresome. I loathe secrets — unless they involve giving a really good gift — and these two should be setting an example of closeness for the rest of the characters…”thick as accused murderers” and all that. He’ll figure it out anyways when there’s a doctor taking her upstairs for surgery in a few weeks. Mary’s feeling her oats this episode (though her hair is impressive) and among her many masterful moments she takes Anna into Town to see her reproductive specialist. No woman ever wants to be told “You suffer cervical incompetence.” We may act incompetent in some ways at some times, but couldn’t those medical professionals come up with better terminology? At least there’s hope for Baby Bates. Predictions? Will it be a boy or a girl? Hurrah for Bates bringing up adoption.

BIG question: If Merton was not a suitor for Isobel, would Clarkson be acting the way he is? There’s a full-on skirmish in the middle of the hospital ward between the opposing sides of the hospital amalgamation, and Dr. Clarkson wisely asks them to move to his office. Let’s not mend the patients just to terrify them to death with a shouting match. Crawleys, the only question one needs ask oneself about to amalgamate or not to amalgamate is: WWSD? (what would Sybil do?)

Andy really is being cold to Thomas. What’s that about? And Carson’s antagonism of Thomas has reached epic proportions. Thomas goes for a disappointing job interview and fuels Carson’s fire. Anyone else notice how roomy and full of windows Mr. Moore’s office was? No basement for those servants there.

Elsewhere downstairs, Carson is making romantic walk proposals to his betrothed in the Servant’s Hall. I applaud Mrs. Hughes’ sentiment: “I don’t want to be a servant on my wedding day,” but she’s bordering precariously close to Bridezilla territory. She’s not shackled to Downton Abbey, physically or emotionally, but Carson has never quite felt the same. “It’s not us,” she says, but it is him. And so the time has already come where he is caught between the two most important women in his life and now must make a choice between his future wife and his noble employer. Talk about a rock and a hard place.

Now if only Gwen and Alfred would arrive so we can catch up once more before we have to say goodbye for good.

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