Last minute mall outfits for Halloween

28 Oct

Cheesy plastic costume sets from the party store will do in a pinch, but for those of us ladies who prefer to achieve a higher quality style — and acquire fun new pieces we can wear again — here are some outfit starter ideas available on the rack right now at your local department store: Harry Potter Qudditch

Start with this super fun tunic from Karen Kane — it’s got a hoodie and black pleather lower arm patches. For the Hogwarts look,

add the scarf of your house (I prefer Griffendor), coordinating bottoms, riding boots, bulky knee pads, accio broom and — alohomora! — you’ve unlocked the perfect costume. After Halloween, wear the tunic with skinny jeans and Toms or combat boots.

 Austin Powers Girl

Yeah, baby! This Michael Kors geo dress will take you straight back to 1960. Go bouffant or grab a big wig. Add a crazy boot with a clunky heel and Power-ful accessories and make-up for the right Halloween look. Another option could be to go more Audrey rather than Austin with a poofy updo, sleek cat-eye sunglasses, hand-held clutch, clunky heels and a cigarette holder. After Halloween, wear a sensible blazer and heel for a wear-to-work look, or wear a leather jacket and tall boot for date night. Groovy.


Paint with all the colors of the wind in this easy costume. Pair the Karen Kane faux suede poncho with the Karen Kane faux suede fringe skirt, add moccasins, a headdress, and some great beaded jewelry to complete the look. Fortunately for us, faux suede and fringe is a huge trend, so after Halloween, separate the pieces and pair with denim, flowy tops and fringed booties for a seriously hip boho look.

 Arctic Explorer/Ski Bunny

All off-white, all bundled up head-to-toe, all adorable! Start with a great cozy base like this Calvin Klein performance metallic stripe hoodie under a Calvin Klein zipper vest. Add coordinating pants, all-weather boots and goggles. Ski poles optional. A huge benefit to this costume is it’s Oklahoma weather approved. And after Halloween it just becomes something you wear on very cold days.

 Great Gatsby/Downton Abbey (Upstairs)

Give Lady Mary a run for her money in a dazzling 1920’s gown. They’re everywhere! Available in most department stores or special occasion shops. Add elbow gloves, headpiece, vintage jewelry, tights and Mary Jane heels. After Halloween, store it in a good garment bag and pull it out for your next big event — or for drinks on New Year’s Eve.


 Abby from NCIS

Sugar and scary. Use this Reba pleated and pleather skirt with lace trim, and add a skull tee and accessories and a black lace parasol. After tricking and treating, wear it with a chunky fringe sweater and booties.

Other fun ideas could be:

  An Oscar statue (apply gold body paint liberally)


  News anchor (add pumps and a microphone or iPad)

Do you have some easy ideas of your own? Share them in the comments below. Have a blast and be safe out there, “kids!” And save some candy for me…anything chocolate’s my favorite.


(Apologies that I didn’t have time to find the links for you, but since this is all about last minute shopping anyway… These pieces are all from new collections and should still be available for sale where offered at Nordstrom, Dillards, Macy’s, Belk, etc. If you need any specifics this week, please feel free to tweet me @jennifrwhite, and I’ll be glad to help you.)

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