And here I thought I’d have all this time on my hands…

19 May

Now that I’m between jobs I thought there’d be plenty of time to find a new job, catch up on projects, write a few screenplays, read a few books and nap a lot. Not sure where I got that idea:

  • Closed the chapter on five years at Caché with the boss and a Whiskey…Cake (almost too tired to lift the fork!)
  • Enviously watched pups nap while I prepared for Job Interviews
  • The roses at the library begged to be smelled
  • Unexpected Harry Potter marathon with the nieces & nephews
  • Goodbye dinner with Caché girls/my first First Friday in Paseo
  • Niece asked me on a date to the Philharmonic
  • Watched dogs hunt June bugs while I blogged
  • Completed a freelance project, so I treated myself to Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Loaded four young ‘uns in the car in the rain to attend another nephew’s concert
  • Packed my “go bag” as tornado season unfolded around me
  • Caught a double rainbow
  • Caught another double rainbow
  • Shopping, cooking & cleaning for Mom
  • Took Mom to see the Chrises
  • Mother’s Day weekend funny faces
  • Mother’s Day weekend flash flooding
  • Church and bunnies
  • Took the time to make fritatta to save more time tomorrow
  • May tornadoes made May flowers
  • The fabulousness that was the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. finale & live-tweetathon
  • One night, two nieces’ concerts…and recruited for another Age of Ultron showing
  • Found a little spare time for job shopping, freelancing & blogging

Eventually I hope to find time to do one of the projects that have been waiting for me at home. Don’t take it personally if I don’t answer the door or the phone this week. However, applications for Volunteer Personal Assistants and/or Volunteer Lawn Mowers are now being accepted. I pay in cupcakes and free blog publicity. 🙂


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