The world needs more lemonade

15 Apr

going out of business fixture sale #hiremeYou may have noticed I added a new category to the blog: “In which I fetch my pinks & hunt for jobs.”

I’m an anglophile. Couldn’t help it.

The job hunt continues.

The positives:

  • The social media social community. I adore you all. I love hearing from you and learning from you and knowing I am not alone. You are a blessing.
  • Positive meeting with a headhunter a week ago. She was lovely, and it was a great experience. I went solely with the attitude of making a new friend.
  • One week to the hour later I got a small freelance offer followed by a potential job lead. Hooray!
  • A long-time customer cried because she was worried about me losing my job. Another customer came back into the store to tell me she had heard of a social media job opening. I had to hug them both.
  • Because my insurance is about to expire, I was forced to go to the dentist. Rather than the usual torment I found a treasure. Best. Hygenist. Ever. Can’t wait to get new insurance so I can go again.
  • Celebrating that my co-worker has has found a new job, and my boss is very close to doing so. Yay!

I’ve got a great boss who tells me, “If we haven’t found a job yet, it just means that the right job isn’t ready yet.” Translation: don’t be impatient, Jennifer. God does love you. God is your provider. And He has not forgotten to open a door for you. Wait on Him. I keep having to remind myself the hurry is in my head, not His. Deep breath. Exhale.

The struggles:

  • My attitude at work. I know you will understand, and I hope you will pray for me. There are many people who are loving and/or outgoing, and they mean well. They can’t help but make comments and ask questions — or as my boss affectionately puts it, poking at the animals in their cages at the zoo. “Why are you closing?” (It’s complicated, and though we’ve pieced some things together, we don’t have any proof.) “The economy is just so bad, isn’t it?” (NO, it’s not.) “Are they paying you severance?” (Really???) They’re angry their coupons don’t work or their gift cards they got two years ago aren’t accepted or they will only have 20 other retailers to shop with any more, etc., etc., etc. All I have to say is — oy with the poodles already. A handful are very caring “regulars” who deserve answers. Unfortunately, they’re the 5,000th person to walk through the door with comments and questions, and by that point I’m really pretty tired of asking people to get their children off of mannequins and picking up people’s discarded underwear on the fitting room floor. (Yes, folks, liquidation is all about a WHOLE NEW kind of customer.) Deep breath. Exhale.Really??
  • I’m drowning in lemonade. Basically, anybody working the sales floor anywhere in our company right now is mopping up what’s left of a mess that someone at the top made. The low man on the totem pole here, I’m the one who gets to type up “thank you for your sensitivity during this difficult time” messages for our store’s social media because the company web is down and everybody involved this equation is angry. How can anyone win in this? Our team has determined to keep doing our best till the end even if it kills us. It’s not what we signed up for, but it’s certainly been a learning experience to find daily ways of making lemonade out of lemons. It’s not pulp-free: we cannot promise perfection…we can only commit our best. Follow us on Instagram if you’d like our recipe: @cachestyleokc.
  • My heart goes out to all my fellow co-workers in the same boat. May they have peace, and stores full of gracious customers, and may loads of recruiters pursue them with offers beyond their wildest dreams.
  • The calendar. Rejections haven’t bothered me too much so far. I really want a good fit more than anything…though I am rapidly approaching the point where I must grab a new paycheck now and be picky later. (Wait on HIM, Jennifer dear.)
  • Getting my priorities right.
  • Finding the energy to do the job, to do it well, to do the laundry, and to job hunt. In the spirit of full disclosure, I prefer to push the job hunt to the bottom of the pile. Unless I have a well-defined opportunity to make a new friend. 🙂

My job hunting approach this week has been too much like shooting a sawed-off shotgun — gotta work on that. I’ve developed a Plan A & a Plan B, given myself deadlines, but most importantly, decided to remind myself daily: I WILL find a GREAT job. I WILL have a great boss. I WILL be able to pay my bills. I WILL be happy. It isn’t going to be ok…it’s going to be AWESOME. Worry may be comfortable, but it’s not my friend. And it’s no longer welcome here.

Waiting on Him, and stirring up another pitcher, waiting on Him some more, and wishing you the very best in your own endeavors. Keep calm and make lemonade wherever you are today. Stiff upper lip, kids!

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