‘Downton Abbey’ s5e7 – Isis finally sees the vet

1 Mar

Sparks fly when Mama Bear finds out her cub has been pregnant, born her another grandchild and been grieving for her fiancé. Cora finally gets the truth about Edith…from Mrs. Drew. Whoops.

But then it’s game on. It’s an all-girl Team Crawley off to London in search of Edith and a mission to restore her to the fold. Forget society. Let’s get this girl — and grandchild — home. The audacity of Edith to abuse Mrs. Drew made her all the things she whines about Mary calling her. Put Edith side by side with someone like Baxter for a minute. Edith is a snob about the truth of her situation, full of self-pity rather than taking responsibility for her own actions. She’s the one who wrote to the Turkish ambassador…what does she expect from Mary or from her own life? Just when I start feeling sorry for her she goes and feels it all for herself. That poor Marigold is back at a strange hotel being babysat by random strangers instead of Edith or Mrs. Drew. Hardly sounds jolly to me.

Gillingham is thicker than a brick. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. He’s telling everyone he meets that he and Mary went for a weekend special, but it’s not even for revenge. He’s just that dumb. So if Mabel wanted to crush her, or if Blake wanted to hit the hills they could. Won’t be long till Sir Richard gets wind and it’s back on the slow boat to the States for her.

“In the end, happiness is a matter of choice.” — Mabel Lane-Fox(’s mother)

Mabel’s full of gems…and considerably more intelligent than Mary. “I’d rather be happy than proud.” How Mary kept her cocktail from coming out her nose, I’ll never know. Please tell me Mabel’s character will stick around. Trying hard to figure out a way for that to logically happen once she marries Gilly, but that’s just awkward.

“You’re muddling her instinct to hold every man enthralled and her wish to break up.” – Charles Blake

Blakes kissing plan at the “kinema” succeeds. Someone fill me in on this weirdness between Blake and Gillingham. Are they really friends? How is their friendship being affected by them both wanting the same woman? Are there daggers behind their eyes I can’t see? I know guys are from Mars, but this confuses me.


So, Mary did in fact burn the ticket, but seems slightly relieved to know Bates is innocent. Now that she’s totally been hateful to him.

“My dear, a lack of compassion can be as vulgar as an excess of tears.” – Dowager Countess

Off-camera Isobel has accepted Merton. His boys are ruthlessly atrocious and manage to bust up another dinner party at Downton. Poor Lord Merton — if that’s the kind of person his wife was, that man deserves some happiness. Isobel — this is NOT the time to back down from a fight. Time to teach these boys what real breeding is.

Daisy’s all aflutter about the labor government letting them down. Ah, youth. It takes a village — Mr. Mason, Molesley & Baxter — to talk a little more sense into her regarding her future. What only took Bunting a few lessons to teach her may take a lifetime to correct.

Sybbie, darling, be a good girl and tell daddy to stay at Downton. His cousin in Boston is blowing the land of opportunity completely out of proportion. The Irish in Boston would be a wacky little spin-off series, wouldn’t it? Cuzins of Downton Abbey.

Bates is totally unfair to Baxter, who only wants to help. She didn’t volunteer information to Scotland Yard — Thomas’ little letter dragged her into it. Let’s not forget you wouldn’t be in this situation, Bates, if you’d never bought the ticket in the first place.

“I like it when good things come from bad.” – Baxter

Thomas is NICE to Daisy AND Baxter in this episode. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE UNIVERSE?

There’s a lot of dabbling in real estate going on…downstairs. Words which would never have been spoken with the last generation of Crawleys. My favorite dabblers are the Bateses. Finally looking forward to the future again.

Lady Sinderby is lovely. Just lovely. I’m going to look up Penny Downie on IMDb and watch everything she’s ever been in. Cora holds her own with Lord Sinderby — “Well at least our family didn’t change our name” — touche’!

Did you notice Lady Rose wearing Cinderella colors ascending the stairs with Lord Grantham? She sure is meeting Atticus for tea a lot. And Atticus offers her the worst proposal ever in the history of mankind. Because “we’re just right together?” Wow. You just swept me off my feet, dude. Rose thinks she’s “just right” for any man she’s with.

Apparently Dr. Clarkson makes house calls for the lord of the manor but not the vet. Isis still hasn’t seen a vet when this episode ends, and by the time it does, her time is up. Poor Isis. We will miss your wagging tail. How sweet it is for the lord and lady to care for her in her last moments, and what a precious way for them to remember what’s really important between them.

“You’ve made me regret my confidence. Do have some cake.” – Dowager Countess

Have you noticed a trend with Granny this season? Underneath all the usual quips and interferences, this has been a season of humbling for her. Nothing’s really changed except everything’s really changed. Mary describes Isobel as Granny’s protégé and Granny as Isobel’s protector, after which Granny has a total and complete breakdown and describes Isobel as her “friend”…now that she’s about to “lose” her. Cora is furious with her (rightly so), and she accepts Cora’s honesty with humility rather than outrage over potential scandal for the family. According to Prince Kuragin he’s her one true love…IF this is true, then there must be a lot of tugging and struggling going on internally for her. There’s no Russian court to be presented to any more, only poor local slums and reliance on charity. IF this is not true, she still must be drawn toward him by a longing for the past and the losing of her one friend Isobel — the losing of Isobel to high position while she herself toys with the idea of possibly lowering her own for Kuragin. Basically, she is no longer what she was or where she was and perhaps just when she thought she didn’t have any more phases of life to go through, a door opens into a whole new crossroads for her. Put on your coronet, Granny, and have a cup of tea. Things will come all right in the morning.

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