‘Downton Abbey’ s5e5 – “Golly, what a night!” is right

8 Feb

“Shall I have a bed made up for you here or are you going to tell me now?” ~ Dowager Countess

Rosamund’s returned to Downton to straighten out Edith (again), but her heart is only sort of in the right place. She and Granny share the fear of scandal at heart. It hides under the guise of “good of the family” but what could be good for the family about giving up a beautiful little girl? It’s high time Cora knew the truth. And Mrs. Hughes. The episode closes with Edith using Mr. Carson’s phone to make a trunk call…to whom? And even better, who will overhear? If only Mr. Drew had let his wife in on the truth, his plan would have been very nearly perfect.

Isobel still hasn’t answered Lord Merton. What are we waiting for?

“I wish men worried about our feelings a quarter as much as we worry about theirs.” ~ Mrs. Hughes

Lucky Mrs. Patmore receives an inheritance. The ensuing situation between her, Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson feels so much like a scene from an average family kitchen in 2015. In all these years absolutely nothing has changed about the male ego…or the female prerogative to do the opposite of what she set out to do. Lovely.

“You mean I’ve made it them or me?…Don’t you despise them really?” ~ Sarah Bunting

Bunting’s got a lot of nerve wearing that brazen red lipstick and hat. She’s received a sudden job offer in Lancashire (the poor dears) and she’s smart enough to take it. She’s just not smart enough to be kind. Nor smart enough to believe Tom when he tells her that he loves the Crawleys. Shame. Now all we have to worry about is who Tom’s next love interest will be. I love Wives & Daughters…how about a doctor’s daughter? But well done, Tom, for having the courage to school the teacher rather than retaliate the way she does. And I do love every little moment we get with Tom & Sybbie. Those two are adorable together.

“You should be proud [Tom]…Don’t make nothing of what you’ve achieved.” ~ Lord Grantham

Why is it that Donk cannot fail at much-needed and well-deserved encouragement with Tom, but he cannot see past his own nose with Cora? Mr. Bricker is back at Downton…now, Cora knows better. He crossed a line with her in London, politely, but crossed the line nonetheless. He should never have been invited. And he should never have been encouraged. He flirts with Cora religiously. It’s tempting to say that Lord Grantham’s behavior has pushed her into allowing it…and even a little reciprocation. But I don’t buy it. She’s far too classy and intelligent to hide behind excuses. What I think is that she’s hoping to make Lord Grantham a little jealous and get his eye back on her again. Atta girl. Only it back fires entirely. Mr. Bricker’s not the brightest bulb and unfortunately takes Cora seriously. He slips into her room at pj time, and Cora figures out — a bit too late — how serious he is. She says “no, thank you” (politely, of course — she’s a Crawley woman saying goodbye to an unsuitable romance, after all) and in walks Lord Grantham, back early from his meeting, and quite certain that Cora has invited Bricker in. “Golly, what a night!” is right. Did you notice the editing during the party? Apparently everyone was aware of their Cold War.

I wonder if Baxter or Bates can help mend things between them.

Baxter is busy pursuing Thomas to try to keep him from killing himself in his efforts to cure himself of being gay. This is season five. What could possibly be his motivation now?

Sgt. Willis has brought in the Detective Inspector from London, and it’s not looking good for the Bates’. Anna’s being raked over the coals — clearly he’s an imbecile looking for a snappy case to win him a promotion — and Lady Mary is taking it out on Bates that she regrets throwing that train ticket away. Bates is clueless and a little too relaxed…until Thomas starts barking up his tree. Thomas, in the condition you’re in, who’s going to keep Bates from holding your head under the bathwater? More Bates! More Anna! More Bates & Anna!

Molesley’s got first world problems. I mean, first footman problems.

Ahhhhh. Dreamy. Atticus Aldridge steps into the story. A suitable guy for Rose? This can’t be right. How could she possibly be attracted to an intelligent, unmarried, eligible man? Are we counting his family’s persecuted past? Ok. He almost seems as naive as Rose is. He’s happy to meet her Russians, until he finds out they’re the ones who drove his family out of Russia. And he’s the one who holds no ill will. Bless his heart. And bless the Prince for stepping up. I suspect the Prince has learned quite a lot about life since he’s been in exile. Humility does that to a person.

Shrimpie’s found the Princess. I speculate that she will have remarried when they track her down. Surely they won’t take the Prince away from us now that he’s all cozy in the story. I wanna see Granny do a little spin with him on the dance floor at Rose’s wedding. Yeah, they can’t take Atticus away from us now, either. He likes cake.

Charles Blake must have a death wish. Or he’s diabolical. Or both. He knows the truth but he still invites Mary out to dinner…again? But there’s a third party at dinner he hasn’t told Mary about. Mabel Lane-Fox is there to — very appropriately — bring Mary down a notch or ten. And there it is…Gillingham takes Mabel back, he forgets all about publicly humiliating Mary, and Blake wins. Not sure exactly what he’s going to win, but since he’s the genius here, whatever it is automatically equals a win. Looks like Elizabeth is going to get her Team Blake victory after all.

I still need to see Blake with George to be sure, though.

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