My new favorite things…just in time for winter

9 Nov


Desperation has led me to a wealth of glorious awesomeness, and I must share. My skin is always dry, but last winter it was way past dry…cracking and bleeding every day and nearly every time I touched anything. I’ve tried Neutrogena, Bath & Body Works, Jergens, Vaseline and a host of other over-the-counter products. I’ve tried eating lots of olive oil and avocados and berries and reducing carbs and hormone supplements. But no luck. I was miserable and desperate to find a cure and asking God to provide the answer I needed.

Then one day my mother accidentally saved my life. I made her let me massage her feet. She hates extra attention and having people fuss over her, but she’d had a hard day, so I said, “Put your feet up. Where’s your lotion?” What my mom — the queen of lotions — sent me to the bathroom to get was not what I expected…Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturizer. I pumped generously and repeatedly and massaged her feet like a pro.

Two days later my hands were not bleeding, not cracked, and soft and smooth as a baby’s backside.

I went straight to the store to buy in bulk.

Mom says that she seems to get better results from the products with shea butter in them. I’m thinkin’ she might be on to something. I read the packaging, and one of the side effects to using Jergens Shea Butter is that you also support women in West Africa trying to earn a living. Sold. Again.

I’m not a product blogger, but this stuff was a real miracle for me. It’s so amazing, I even started using it on my face. Full disclosure: the fragrance in it really irritates my face, but there’s no other moisturizer like it…in the wintertime at least. During the summertime I can lighten back up to an Olay Regenerist regime for my face, but I really didn’t even bother switching back, even though our summers get so hot. I found that even though it’s a much thicker moisturizer when it’s applied, I’m ok with it because my powder make-up tends to absorb a lot of it and suck my face dry during the day. Jergens lasts so much longer. Sitting here typing I’m still in disbelief looking at the difference in my knuckles. I wish I was better at expressing the relief this stuff has given me. The only thing I wish Jergens would do differently with it is offer a fragrance-free version. Then it would be absolute perfection. One 21 fl. oz. bottle has sustained me for 10 months. The price of a bottle doubled this year at Walmart, so when it went on rollback a few weeks ago, so I stocked up again.

The other product that’s changed my life is Olay Quench bar soap. Bar soap and I don’t get along any better than lotion. And being picky doesn’t make it any better. It has to smell clean, but not girly. I have to feel clean when I dry off, not like I have sandpaper for skin. Don’t make me add a jillion other steps to my routine in order to compensate for bar soap side effects. But I LOVE THIS SOAP. It feels like you’re bathing with a light lotion. Maybe that’s their secret. It’s creamy, and it feels like it’s adding a layer to your skin instead of stripping a layer off. Quench is just a little bit more expensive than grocery store soaps (6 to a package instead of 8), but it’s definitely less than fancy smelling liquid soaps that contain alcohol and don’t keep you smelling that way very long. You just can’t go wrong with anything from Olay at all these days. Try the Quench bar soap first, but totally experiment with the Age Defying bar soap and also the Olay body wash products (Ultra Moisture Body Wash with SHEA BUTTER is great) to find the one you love the most. One of the reasons I first started dabbling in Olay products is because they are so willing to give away free samples. Genius.

So the moral of my story is this: buy Jergens Shea Butter and Olay. And the next time you are desperate, go make someone else let you massage their feet and the answer to your prayers will come. 🙂 Now go and share this post with people that you love who are tired of cracked and bleeding skin.

I love a happy ending.

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