Revelations from a snoring dog

8 Nov

So the other night I switch off the lights and I’m trying to snuggle down into blissful sleep when my dog starts snoring louder than a 747 at take-off. Never heard her snore that loud before. And she doesn’t normally snore outside of naptime, either.

I can be a little selfish about my sleep time. Ok, really selfish. Don’t wake me. Don’t talk to me in the morning. Think hungry bear with PMS. But instead of my usual, typical, ridiculous angry attitude, all the sudden I found myself being grateful and even joyful she was snoring in my face. My dog isn’t ancient, but I found myself remembering to be glad of every moment…there are no guarantees about tomorrow. It seems I’ve finally learned that if I’m going to be grateful for her life, that’s gotta include all of it — the vet bills, the bad breath, the potty training, the snoring while I’m trying to sleep. Every sign of life is a reason to be glad. I have her here. I have her now. I have a friend and a pal and a whole lotta unconditional love I’d never have without her. Not to mention the best guard dog in the world.

And if it’s important — and possible — for me to be grateful for dog snoring in my face, what everyday, irritating things do people do that I need to reconsider being grateful for? Now that list might be a little longer. But maybe it’s time for me to rethink that one. Since I can actually find happiness in a dog snoring now, just maybe I might be able to find some happiness somewhere on the human list.

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