‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’ ep16 – Our ‘downstairs’ episode

11 Jan

2 Responses to “‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’ ep16 – Our ‘downstairs’ episode”

  1. Urban Wife at 5:49 pm #

    This was great, ladies! I enjoyed listening to y’all chat about each character and surmise where plot lines will go. Also, after last season it took me a while (and I feel like it’s something I’m still dealing with) to get over Matthew’s death. Unlike last year, this time I stayed completely away from reading any spoilers online for this season.

    A few of my thoughts around this episode:
    1) Edna: She really gets under my skin. I just get this bad feeling every time she opens her mouth to speak. Choosing the lesser evil, I think I’d have to go with O’Brien. As much as I don’t like her, I’m hoping she’ll be back at some point…maybe next season?
    2) Lord Grantham: I agree with you both – I miss the Lord Grantham (for the most part) of last season. He seemed a lot more agreeable and not so pompous.
    3) Cora: I’m loving how she’s stepped up her authoritative side. I mean, compared to S1 she has come a long way in being more proactive especially when it comes to dealing with the servants. She’s a classy act and kudos to her for putting up with Lord Grantham.
    4) Carson: He has such a tender heart under his gruff exterior. I love him for that reason and it warms my heart to see the friendship he has with Mrs. Hughes. Good for him speaking up to Mary, despite her raking him over the coals for it. Also, that last scene at the railway station literally brought happy tears to my eyes.
    5) Mary: Sigh. I really, really want to like her 100% of the time but I just don’t think it’s possible. Y’all are right, she’s definitely back to her S1 self. I’m hoping to see her come out of this season more sensitive and softer, much like she was last season.
    6) Edith: Yikes! I just smell trouble with her and Gregson. I think she truly feels like she’s going to be an old spinster and is settling for the first man that is pursuing her (because remember, she was the one who pursued Sir Anthony). I’d like to see some of the Edith from S2, where she was dedicated and involved in her work both as a nurse and then later as a journalist.
    7) Anna & Bates: It’s nice to finally see their marriage blooming and how they interact more freely with each other. (Of course, after last night’s episode….) Secretly, I’m rooting for them to have a child but then would that mean they can’t work at Downton anymore?
    8) Thomas: Really, truly…I wish he would have been gone after last season. But, then there would be no antagonist.
    9) Rose: Since they wrote her in, I’m waiting for some jaw-dropping turn of events (a la Mary and Mr. Pamuk) to unfold since I really can’t think of any other reason why she’s on the show.

    I had more to write but the baby’s up from his nap.

    By the way, Rose is 18, maybe 19 now. I think in the Dunn Eagle episode her mom mentioned her age.

    p.s. Elizabeth, your hair is so long! It’s pretty. 🙂

    • Jennifer White at 8:01 pm #

      Thank you! Love your thoughts about S2 Edith, a Bates baby and Rose. But it may be quite some time before I manage to recover from last night’s episode…

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