‘Downton Abbey’ s3/ep6 – The episode in hashtags

10 Mar

Have you ever noticed that Isis is always SPARKLING clean?  When will we ever meet the designated Dog Bather?  Enquiring minds want to know. #downtonabbeygroomer

Bates is free!  Bates is free!  Bates is freeeeeeeee!  Now off to enjoy a good book in bed for a while before he and Anna move into their cozy little cottage on the estate. #freebates #nevermind

Lady Grantham is still so detached from her first grandchild she refers to her as “poor little girl.”  Will we ever see her hold baby Sybil? #absentgrandparent

But on the other hand, Tom is so good with his baby and so loving towards her that I now have to withdraw any feelings of ill will I previously deployed towards him. #gooddaddy

And Lady Mary is surprisingly supportive of Tom: “I’m very fond of diamonds.” #girlsbestfriend

Daisy is coming along nicely, and finally grows a sensible voice: “Why are you taking her to the pictures when she talks like that?”  At least you will respect yourself later, dearie.  And hopefully someday he will respect you for it, too. #godaisy

Mr. Bates still wants to be a valet to his lordship?  Okay by me. #revengeissweet

Period question: What is proper period hand-shaking ettiquette for 1920?  Is it proper for Sketch editor Michael Gregson to shake hands with a Lady, the daughter of an Earl? #notouchy

Jarvis is the kind of man who should have been shown the door a long time ago — and this is only his first episode.  “How dare you ask me to discuss business when that’s what you called me over to discuss and pay me for?  The impudence!” #whatshehiding

Branson’s brother is a chip off the old block, but Branson’s not the same man he used to be.  Carson took the words right outta my mouth: “I thought Mr. Branson’s respect for her ladyship’s invitation exemplary.” #thisbumblesreformed

Is Matthew’s bed flop in the script?  Because it’s brilliant.  “Love him by all means, but believe in me.”  “Convince me again.” #dontmakemeuntidy

Will Alfred really stoop to being as mean and spiteful as his dear auntie? #noiwontyesiwillnoiwont

Cora and Granny have joined #teambransonforlandagent .

“Why didn’t the poets come to you, Mr. Carson?”  “I must hear it now.” #thatwackymrshughes

When O’Brien and her criminal bangs fail with Alfred, they go after Jimmyjohnjames to fulfill the plot against Thomas, with the side perk of eliminating Jimmyjohnjames as well.  But she’s not quite as gifted as keeping her schemes a secret from Mrs. Patmore and Bates… #ismellsoap

Isobel has lost her cool and sense of grace completely in this episode.  “Chop Charlie up?”  Really?  Not sure what’s bugging her so bad, but the Dowager is not being any more interfering than usual, and she truly does care about Ethel’s well-being.  Not quite sure if I can say the same about Isobel. #meow #poorethel

Team Bates & Thomas? #pigsareflying

Previously we were educated by the good doctor about “getting a baby out of” a lady.  This episode we learn how to leave a baby “yowling in its crib” for a nanny to worry about. #periodbabywisdom

Rosamund is appalled.  The future Earl of Grantham visits the Blue Dragon.  Edith accidentally broadcasts a secret.  Granny takes a hand. #lydiaroseneedsaspanking #hiswifeishorrid

“Married men who want to seduce young women ALWAYS have horrid wives.”  Best quote of the episode. #dontbedaftladies

Edith is smart enough to see what’s coming with her editor and cut him off at the pass.  Are there any other directions a story line could take for this character?  This one’s getting a little worn. #edithequalsjaneeyre

Finally the testosterone level at Downton Abbey is rising!  Matthew, Tom and Lord Grantham have been at odds, but the day’s not over yet.  Tom uses his gift of an Irish tongue to smooth the feathers and soften the heart of his lordship with the big picture…and gets roped into playing cricket for the first time.  Matthew coaches Tom about the game, Lord Grantham about the future, and Mary about how important the match will be in greasing the wheels to buy back two farms for the estate.  Lord Grantham is falling to pieces in the post-war world, and praise the Lord Bates is back to keep his boat from going aground entirely. #crawleymenunite

The women may roll their eyes and dive for the shade (me included), but everyone in the county puts on white and comes out for the big game and a cool glass of lemonade. #moseleysgotgame

I absolutely loved this episode, and particularly the dialogue in it.  It’s just so beautifully crafted. #wanttobeadowntonwriterwhenigrowup

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