Welcome, visitors from other planets 2

7 Mar

Thought it was about time to check the ol’ stat filter again to see what fun search engine terms got caught in it this time.  Enjoy.

emily sutton single (yes, she still is. and my aren’t you bloaks persistent. but you do know she’s moved to freedom 43…shudder.)

birth control purple pack (trust me, you want the blue pill.)

ree drummond legs (wow. i hope you are referring to her spectacular ability to fry this part of a chicken.)

jennifer white porn blog (going to the social security office to change my name tomorrow.)

benedict cumberpatch jeremy northam (you and i could be friends.)

starbucks pumpkin bread (you and i could also be friends.)

u comment i follow (u no comment if i no follow?)

cuddle text messages (eww.)

thor text (does this have anything to do with the cuddling? i’m in.)

thor text message (sensing a theme.)

thor learns to text (am i missing something here?)

butter omelet (now THERE’S one i haven’t tried!)

food network jennifer oklahoma (only in my dreams.)

deep fried snickers wrapped in bacon (another kindred spirit.)

why does downtown abbey have few episodes per season (probably because they are not as well loved as DOWNTON abbey.)

auntie change his petticoat picture (i wonder why his petticoat picture needs changing?)

directions to pioneer woman lodge oklahoma (maybe this will be the giveaway when my blog reaches one million subscribers. but directions won’t give you the password for guard dog charlie.)

working in a dead mall blog (how exciting! a zombie reads my blog!)

how to tell somebody you like them texts (well, i’ll be honest — omg and lol don’t do it for me.)

once upon a time dogs (you just gave me a great idea for a new nat geo tv series…)

womancouch blogs (um…maybe try ikea??)

pictures of petticoats from the past (at this point, i can only imagine the searches EM is getting as a result of our joint endeavor.)

susie (THAT got them to me?)

importance of psalm sunday (more important than you psknow.)

www.significance of palm sunday (sigh. i heart googlers.)

Keep on searchin’, folks.  I hope you found what you’re lookin’ for…or didn’t…or something much better here.  🙂

2 Responses to “Welcome, visitors from other planets 2”

  1. Elizabeth at 11:02 am #

    LOL. Some of these made me shudder. I haven’t looked at my search terms recently, so I’ll definitely go do that now. To this day the most horrific search terms that have brought someone to my blog are (edited to prevent you from drawing the same crowd) – “Jud!th L!ght’s pant!es” o_O

    Also, that person misspelled “Cumberbatch.”

    • Jennifer White at 7:09 pm #

      Gross! The internet is all-knowing and forever…..

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