‘Warm Bodies’ zombie rom com

23 Feb

Three words: Go see it.

It was hilarious, endearing and gross. If every zombie movie was like this, I’d see them all.

The use of narration is clever (an un-thinking zombie thinking), and, of course, they clubbed me over the head and drug me in with the vinyl ’80’s soundtrack.

On the darker side, I was squirming in my seat watching R eat Perry, but it wasn’t the guts. This was the first zombie flick that made me ask the question, “Is the hunger to satisfy my desires and appetites killing my fellow man in some way?” Realizing the (disgusting) parallels between zombie movies and real life was a bit disturbing. But maybe we need to be disturbed if our actions or the actions of others we allow or approve of slaughter innocence or crumble the world around us.

But the best quality about this film is that it’s written like a father’s bedtime story for his teenagers. I could just hear the parental words echoing through my head as the story builds: “Time to turn off that video game or you’ll turn into a zombie.” “Put down that cell phone or your brains will turn to mush.” “Stop grunting. Use your words.” And then the best message of all hits home on screen:

“Love heals.”

Not the gushy, kissy, gross pseudo-love–real love–kindness, goodness, putting the well-being of others before your own.

That’s my kind of bedtime story.

Makes me want to read the book. And see the movie again.

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