An unexpected giveaway

21 Dec

I was everso fortunate as to attend the midnight opening of The Hobbit in IMAX 3-D, and as we were leaving, the theater/IMAX/movie production company generously provided us with complimentary movie posters.  There are four 13.5″x19.5″ mini-posters: one each of Thorin, Gollum, Gandalf, and Bilbo.  Since this is the season of giving and good cheer, and since I have so much to be grateful for, I wanted to share the luv with you.


From now through New Year’s Eve, you can enter to win the posters.  All you have to do is answer the questions below correctly (please put your answers in the comments section), and on New Year’s Day I will randomly select a winner.  May your Christmas season be especially Hobbity, and good luck!

1 – Which of Bilbo’s ancestors was big enough to ride a horse?  And which game did said ancestor invent?

2 – What three things did Bilbo forget when he left Bag-End on his unexpected journey?

3 – What is the Elvish name for Rivendell?

4 – What are the names of the two Elvish swords that were retrieved from the trolls’ cave?  And which members of the group keep/use them?

5 – What is Durin’s Day?

6 – Who did Bilbo’s pity prevent him from killing?

7 – Who is the skin-changer who named the Carrock, who gets angry easily, whose servants are horses, and who keeps bee-pastures?

8 – What was Mirkwood called before the Necromancer poisoned it?

9 – Who is the son of Thranduil? And who is the talented actor that plays him in the movies?

10 – Do Wood-elves drink alcohol?

11 – What is the name of the demolished & abandoned town of men on the Long Lake?

12 – What is the Elvish name for the Lonely Mountain?

13 – What kind of bird showed the dwarves the way into the mountain?

14 – What was the first payment of Mr. Baggins’ reward?

15 – Where is Smaug’s weak spot?

16 – Which man is a descendant of Dale, who understands bird-speech, and slays Smaug?

17 – What does Bilbo steal in order to achieve peace?

18 – Who lends Bilbo a handkerchief for the return journey?

19 – Who has Bilbo declared “presumed dead” and takes over Bag-End?

20 – BONUS: On my blog I’ve written various posts relating to a screenwriting program I attended in Hollywood.  What is the name of that screenwriting program?


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