How to Christmas shop the right way

16 Dec

Does the thought of Christmas shopping at the mall stress you out?  Have you developed a Christmas-shop-a-phobia?  Well, no more worries!  The key to success at anything is a good plan, right?  So here you go:

Step 1 – Do not wash or fix hair.

Step 2 – Do not do makeup.

Step 3 – Go to the mall.  Extended hours are now upon us, so you will have the whole parking lot, I mean, place to yourself before 10am and after 9pm.

Step 4 – Before shopping, make a 5-10 minute stop at the $1/minute massage booth.

Step 5 – Visit a friendly stylist at Mastercuts for the most relaxing shampoo & style on a budget.  Tell them the better the scalp massage during shampoo, the better the tip!

Step 6 – Go to a makeup counter at Dillard’s for a fresh holiday look.

Step 7 – Put your earbuds in and hit play on your favorite playlist.

Step 8 – Once totally relaxed, proceed to have the best Christmas shopping experience ever.

You’re welcome.  🙂

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