Lost in Love over baby goats, (pale) blue ribbons & chocolate-covered, bacon-wrapped, deep-fried anything

15 Sep


The gorgeous and glamorous Elizabeth Michelle and I made our annual pilgrimage to the deep-fried Great State Fair of Oklahoma yesterday, and we had a fabulous time. This year we had a little more time to spend, and did a little more planning on our events to take in, and boy, was it worth it.

First stop was the parking. I should have taken a picture of the mud. Everyone in Oklahoma is nodding with me already, but for those of you outside our great state I’ll explain. No matter how hot or dry our summer has been, the rain ALWAYS arrives in time to cool off the State Fair. And this year was as awesomely drizzly and gray as two bloggers could hope for. I didn’t get a picture of the mud…but I might go out to my car later today to take a picture of the side of my car. We pulled in to the fairgrounds off of May, and just as we did, the big white truck in front of us — instead of going straight toward the attendants with flags — took a fast right turn and dove into the mud. Mud went everywhere. The parking attendant there tried so hard not to laugh. And the rest of the parking attendants were kind enough to direct us to mud free parking. Not that it mattered at this point. Don’t wash your car before you go, folks.

Next stop, (pale) blue ribbon territory! Elizabeth entered some of her pictures in the photography exhibit this year, and she won two honorable mention ribbons! Way to go, girl! I will award high praise and maybe something state fair-ish to the first person to correctly tell me what all of her pictures were of, and what category they were in, and which she won ribbons for. Here’s a little hint.

This year we also got to see a good portion of the crafts exhibit. The quilts were GORGEOUS and shared a room with the canned veggies, baked goods, woodworking, scrapbooking, and cooking demonstrations. Someone actually made an Elizabethan dress…wowza! (Be sure to check out the Yoda costume behind it in the picture.) The cooking demonstration was on ostrich jerky and ostrich chili, given by Larry Moore, a sweet guy who raises the ostriches himself. The jerky was pretty tasty, and so was the chili. The chili had a sweet smell — I suspect cinnamon was involved. I heart cinnamon.



Even though the baked goods unleashed a Pavlovian effect, we decided to visit the birthing barn before indulging in a long list of fair foods. On the way to the barns, there are two stops you need to make. First, the butterflies are back! They are huge and a little moth-like…until they open their wings. The top-side is a beautiful royal blue. A little further on is Tony’s tree farm display…Tony got a bunch of landscapers together, and they have created the most gorgeous outdoor Oklahoma space possible. Suffice to say I no longer despise cedar. Among the full-grown trees they brought in are nestled an amazing cedar gazebo with firepit, a $599 porch swing, “three amigos” lawn decorations, and a porch swing-sized rocking chair. Heaven.



Hanging out in the birthing barn was so incredible. It was like stepping into the pages of Charlotte’s Web or something. We saw 12-hour old Wilburs, I mean, piglets. There were sleeping calves, minus their mothers. And there were baby goats being born. They were the most precious things you ever saw, born almost as big as my full-grown miniature schnauzers. I can only imagine how much fun my dogs would have playing with them! They immediately started learning what legs were, and not long after they discovered their vocal chords! Toooooo cuuuuute. There were at least two other moms so fat they were about to burst with babies, so go out there quick so you can see for yourself!



On our way out of the barns we said hi to the Express Clydesdales (who are always nice enough to hang out at the State Fair with us). Those are the BIGGEST animals I have ever seen. The ones we talked to did not have name plates on their doors, but they were so well-behaved and let us chat with them a bit. We also ran into some Picture Shows & Petticoats viewers while we were there, and one of the clydesdales said hello to their little girl (precious!).



FFA groups were all over, serious-minded, getting cows and sheep ready for show.



Dude, I even met a shorn sheep in a leopard coat.


Once we’d worked up an appetite, and washed our hands, we made off for carb-alley. I was blown away by what was on the menu this year.

I started with loaded tornado potatoes. Unfortunately, they’re not “potatoes” — they’re chips. Won’t be doing that again. But the people at the burger & chili shack were so nice, I’d definitely try something else on their menu.


Elizabeth and I shared a half-pound lamb burger. Tasty, but not fully cooked. Also a little hard to eat after visiting the barn. We both had intended to eat something sweet, but we were both too full to even think about eating anything else.

For dessert we had the Air Supply concert instead! We got an awesome spot at the gate close to the stage. My apologies — my camera always makes it look like everything is either miles away or pitch black. Time to upgrade my iPhone. Anyway… The men of Air Supply may have aged, but their voices are still as golden as they ever were. They spent time off the stage with the audience and truly seemed to love what they do. It was so much fun…I’m so glad Elizabeth suggested it.

We made one last trip through the birthing barn and down carb-alley for one more quick snack for the road. Elizabeth tried the chocolate-covered bacon (which was pretty good!), and I tried the cheddar nuggets. They were okay, but would have been tons better if they’d used better quality cheese. Next time I will order the bacon & cream cheese on a stick.

I finally put my jacket on and we wandered back to our mud-free parking place and homeward with full bellies and ringing ears. I had such a great time, I’m seriously trying to figure out how I can make it back for another visit this year before it ends. After all, I still haven’t tried a deep-fried pickle or a deep-fried Oreo or a deep-fried Snickers. Maybe I’ll see you there!

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