Plum giddy

28 Jul

Just plum giddy. On the set of ‘Picture Shows & Petticoats’ with Miss Wisabus. Photo by Miss Wisabus.

I get plum giddy when I discover a new gem in the blogosphere…especially when one of them comes from the pen of a friend! Over the last few months I’ve unearthed a few, so now I’ve updated my blogroll, and I’m sharing the link luv with you:

Act OneMy screenwriting alma mater and a fabulous film family to become a part of. Now with blog.

Church of the Masses – The blog of Barbara Nicolosi: ‘theaters are the new church of the masses’

Cracked Pot Productions – This one is my own film production blog. Not updated often because I spend much more time here, but just in case you’re glutton for punishment.

First Rate Single Life – The blog of my Act One WP ’09 classmate Liz…who truly lives a first rate single life.

The Fowl Family – Better than reality tv…the blog of my friend Libby that follows her family drama of raising, growing, befriending, and eating chickens and guinea hens.

History With Mr. C – History teacher, coach & Christian.

Jill Brownlee – Producer/writer/fellow Act One alumni embarking on the journey of starting her own company.

Josh McKamie – Shooter of movies, co-founder of…visual magician.

Life in the Little Things – The blog of my friend Tiffany, a fellow redhead.

Miss Wisabus – The blog of my friend the writer, aspiring domestic goddess, and totalitarian dictator…who co-hosts Picture Shows & Petticoats with me.

My Life & Times – An op-ed blog by a foster/adoptive father and my go-to chef for advice, Jason.

The Personal Blog of Dr. John H. Watson – If you follow Sherlock, you know exactly what this is. If you don’t, please do.

The Pioneer Woman – Well, obviously.

Project Purple – The blog of my pal Wendi who loves purple…and is one of the most creative moms I know.

Toye’s Platforms – The blog of fellow Okie film fatale Toye. She loves shoes and movies. And she’s seriously talented to boot.

Two-Handed Warriors – The blog of Gary David Stratton, who served as the Director of Act One during my time in the Writing Program. Far more than just a blog — it’s a community network. And check out his blogroll.

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