Welcome, visitors from other planets

18 Jul

I had a little time on my hands tonight, so I took a closer look at my site stats, and I had a good chuckle at some of the search engine terms that led visitors to my blog.  Thought I’d share a few of my favorites from the last quarter with you.  Enjoy:

is emily sutton single (if I were a guy, I’d be asking the same thing)

armoire (really? wait–they must mean Narnia)

petticoat pleasure (ewwwwww)

deschanel mahna mahna (that I’d like to see–send me the link when you find it)

lumos tattoo (I may be a Harry Potter fan, but no, I don’t have one)

spices for sale (make me an offer I can’t refuse)

reese witherspoon petticoat (okay…)

jennifer white blog dirty (why didn’t you tell me I needed to use the windex?)

william en kate (are they French?)

black bean turds (black bean omelets + dragon turds must = black bean turds. no, I will not be making these.)

total stranger jennifer white (yep, that would be me! so glad we’re not strangers any more.)

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    […] it was about time to check the ol’ stat filter again to see what fun search engine terms got caught in it this time.  […]

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