The fairy tale of little Roo

9 Jul

Once upon a time…

…in a neighborhood not so far away, there lived a little dog named Roo.  In spite of how much Roo loved to give kisses and cuddle, his mom moved away without him, leaving him unprotected against the wicked step-dogs who still lived there with their mom.  So he waited.  And finally one day, the front door opened, and out he went.

Freedom!  No one came after him.  So he stretched his legs, unaware of the world and curious about all it had to offer.  After a while he started to feel lonely.  And a little thirsty.  So he slowed down, sat under a tree, and thought about the lovely water bowl in the house he had left.  “Maybe if I get close enough, I can tell when it’s safe to go back.”  But he knew it would never be safe.  What was he going to do?

About that time just a few feet away a grumpy lady lumbered out of her garage, yanking and banging and grumbling under her breath at her dirty lawnmower.  He got down low and shifted his head around the tree so he could see.  Was she a wicked witch?  Or was there such a thing as a fairy godmother?  She gave up, got down on her knees, and let out a huge sigh.  Then she saw him.

All her grumbling melted at the sight of his little face, low and looking.  She waited.  He didn’t.  He knew he wanted to be friends, so he walked around the tree toward her.  She knew as soon as he put one paw forward what kind of dog he was.  Special.  He came without being called, without fear.  So she responded by moving toward him.  He wasn’t hers.  He didn’t belong.  Where did he belong?

“Whose baby are you? Will you let me see your collar?”  He put his head in her hands and let her touch him.  His fur was soft, but there was no tag on his collar.  His eyes asked her, “Will you be my fairy godmother?”  Suddenly her jungle-tall grass and irritating lawnmower were not important any more.

Bravely trusting, he let her scoop him up and nestled easily against her.  She went from door to door to see if she could find his family.  One neighbor pointed at a little brick house where his family used to live.  The wicked step-dogs were there, but they would not let him stay.  So she took him to her house.  She put him in the bath tub, and he let her get him wet and scrub him clean.  When she gave him a treat for being so good, he gave her little kisses.  “I knew you were my Fairy Godmother.”

Fairy Godmother took him outside.  But he was afraid when he saw she already had two dogs, too!  Were Beau and Daisy wicked step-dogs?  They would bite, he just knew they would bite!  They began to growl, and they started telling him whose yard this was, but Fairy Godmother wouldn’t let them get too loud or misbehave.  A few more sniffs here and a few more sniffs there, and Roo worked up the courage to ask Beau if it was ok to play.  “Play?” Beau asked.  “I LOVE to play!  Why didn’t you say so?”

And off they went at top speed, willy-nilly around the yard.  Beau had never seen a dog run so fast.  “Wow!” he said.  “Teach me how to do that!”  And so Roo did.  Roo taught Beau how to run so fast even the wind could not catch him.  And Beau taught Roo how not to be afraid of other dogs.

One day, Roo went for a drive with Beau and Daisy to visit their cousins, Roofus and Missy.  Roofus and Missy were really, really big dogs.  They were curious and playful and had very heavy paws and big teeth that could hurt him.  But Beau loved Roofus and Missy.  He asked them to play with him.  “I wanna show you how fast I can go now!  Try to catch me!” Beau insisted.  Roo watched them closely, and when he saw they weren’t wicked step-dogs, either, he stopped hiding.  “Hey! Wait for me!” Roo called out as he flew into the fun.

With Fairy Godmother, Roo got to ride in cars, meet the vet, stay in a hotel, have his picture taken and meet new people.  He had a warm bed to sleep in and food to eat that was his very own.  No one hurt him.  No one left him.

But Fairy Godmother knew she could not keep him herself (fairy godmothers are only allowed to help out sometimes, you know), and she was hoping to meet some new friends of her own by finding someone who would adopt little Roo and love him forever.  So while Roo and his new friends played, Fairy Godmother tried to find him a very good home.  The kind she knew he deserved.  She talked to friends, she put his picture on the internet, she asked her family for help.

And now she is asking you.

Would you love little Roo?  Would you give him a good home?  He needs you, but he’ll give you even more in return.

It is time for his Happily Ever After.  And yours.

This may be a fairy tale, but Roo is very real.  And you can really be his Prince Charming.  Please contact me (Fairy Godmother) at auntjenn25 @ yahoo .com to make Roo’s wish for a new family come true.  Or if you can’t, Roo and I would truly appreciate it if you would pass this story on to someone who could be his fairy tale ending.

Thank you!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

UPDATE (8/13/12):  Hooray!!!  Roo went home with a new family this weekend, and it looks like he finally has his happily ever after.  Thanks for sharing!

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