2012 summer at the movies…lookin’ good!

9 Jun

So I’m making a greater effort this year to get to the movies.  Before the end of the summer.  If the first four weeks are any indicator, this may turn out to be a great summer at the theater.

The Avengers — Good popcorn flick.  Great casting.  There will be no comments about Avengers story believability here at this blog…quite frankly, if you go to a comic-based movie and expect everything to be believable, you deserve to be disappointed.  Gotta just go with the fantasy and enjoy watching bad guys get stomped on.  Enjoy every dollar of special effects and sound effects and casting they spent.

Dark Shadows — Such a promising trailer.  Such a disappointing flick.  NOT for the kiddies.  The first five minutes hooked me, but last 108 minutes effectively un-hooked me.  Johnny Depp, check.  Michelle Pfeiffer, check.  Helena Bonham Carter, check.  Vampires and castles and America, check.  Story leading to nowhere and too many female heads in Johnny Depp’s lap, un-check.  Best part of the whole movie happens in the first five minutes: As Mr. Collins teaches his son Barnabas the business, he tells him, “Family is the only real wealth.”  It broke my heart that the story relies on telling rather than showing.  This one falls into the “Get it for free at the library at Halloween” category.  If anyone can answer the question of what really happened to this script, I would love to know.  Did the final draft land miles away from the first?

Battleship — I loved it.  Again, don’t go to a comic-based movie and expect everything to be believable.  I always go to films like this with an “entertain me while I eat my popcorn” attitude, and the only way for me to be disappointed is if the story goes nowhere.  But I liked where the story went.  Basically, it’s a modern day Pearl Harbor.  It’s big and booming and action-packed, and it’s American and masculine and puts worth where it belongs — on relationships and generations who deserve respect.  Sweeeeet new Universal anniversary logo!

MIB3 — Also loved it.  It doesn’t quite have the sizzle of MIB1, but what sequel does?  I handed over my money not to be wowed by a sequel but to see Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith on screen together again.  Those two are worth the price of admission.  Anything else is icing on the cake…and there’s a lot of icing on this one.  I LOVED the addition of Emma Thompson to the franchise.  Her performance is spectacular.  I hope she adds that language to her resume.  I loved Griffin — adorable!  Best K quotes:

“You know how I live such a happy life?  I don’t ask questions I don’t want to know the answer to.”

“Just like with anything–you have to strap yourself in and hope for the best.”

The music is fabulous.  Takes you back to the fun stuff from the ‘60s but with a little 21st century in the remix.  And they caught us ‘80s in-betweeners by choosing Dirty Dancing ditties.  Really good story.  Compulsory slimy stuff at the beginning, but the end caught me off guard.  I will warn you that it did make me cry.  No spoilers here, but I will say that ladies–if you’re looking for something to do on Fathers’ Day, look no further.  Take your men on a Battleship/MIB3 double feature and don’t skimp on the butter.  That is all.

What I’m looking forward to next…

The Bourne Legacy — I’ve got chills just thinking about it!  After seeing a longer trailer I suspect this is one sequel/franchise reboot that will not disappoint.

The Dark Knight Rises — About time.

G.I. Joe 2 — Holy fish & chips, Batman!  They blow up London in this one!  Nobody messes with London!  Not 100% on this one, but the special effects have me leaning towards it.

Brave — I think??  Context, yes–redhead girl in a Celtic world.  Story, meh–I get a little picky.  Especially because she’s a redhead.

The Expendables 2 — I am not this kind of chick.  But it is worth $4 to see all these big shots on one screen at the same time…and they blow up stuff.  I’m gonna need to read a Jane Austen book after I see this.

Still on the fence about…

Snow White & the Huntsman — KStew?

Prometheus — This thriller really appeals to some, but you will only be able to talk me into it if A) I won’t have nightmares and B) the story is fan-freaking-tastic.

Spidey 953 — I mean, Spiderman the Untold Story, I mean, whatever.  I love Emma Stone.  I love the roommate with the crazy inappropriate t-shirts from Notting Hill.  I may pay money to see this.  But I’m not sure about a reboot of a franchise that I was already happy with.  Convince me!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter — (insert milk coming out my nose here) Perhaps this will be a (hilarious) commentary on the state of American education and entertainment value.  You go first and let me know.

People Like Us — Guys sitting next to me watching this trailer looked at each other and said, “Chick flick!”  Not sure if I should have whacked them or not, but then I’m not sure about this one, either.  Looks like a worthy story line, but it may hit a little too close to home for me.  Thoughts, anyone?

Your turn.  Tell me what I should see next and why.

Go to the movies.  Stimulate the popcorn economy.  That’s an order.

3 Responses to “2012 summer at the movies…lookin’ good!”

  1. Elizabeth June 13, 2012 at 8:05 pm #

    I am SUPER excited to see Rock of Ages! I’m going on Friday so I will report back 🙂

    • Jennifer White June 14, 2012 at 8:49 am #

      I can’t wait to hear what you think! Rock on!


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