‘Downton Abbey’ s2/ep5

11 Feb

Sir Richard has finally found his way to Downton Abbey.  What a snake!  He slithers here, and slithers there.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that I despise him — there are Sir Richards everywhere in life.  I just wonder when he’s going to learn that while his life is all about business and profit, it’s also going to be totally empty and devoid of meaning and robbing everyone else of theirs as well.  But then, he does give us the idea that he wouldn’t mind slapping Mary around if he needed to.  Ok, so maybe I despise him a little.

It’s also a bad idea for him to surprise Mary with the “gift” of Carson.  He’s got that poor man’s world turned upside down, with no consideration of what Carson wants or feels.  Is Sir Richard sure he’s not descended from aristocracy??

Isobel is back, and she hasn’t learned a thing.  I’m concerned that between seasons 1 & 2 body snatchers have taken over her because this isn’t the Isobel we used to know.  It’s almost like she has entirely forgotten her quarrel with Cora ever happened — not to mention that her son is in need of a great deal of care, or that her home is being used for a soup kitchen for vets.  It’s a total 360 from season one now that the Countess and Dowager are “building a different scaffold” for her rather than the reverse.  I’m really disappointed in where her character is not going.

Another 360 from season one — but this one is legit — is that we now find Downton hiring a widow maid and also Lord Grantham chatting with her as an equal while she waits on him in the dining room.  While I don’t see any harm in her, I do think Lady Cora might want to un-busy her schedule and bring her breath-taking blue-suited self home for hubby a bit more.

Shocker of shockers the next heir of Downton Abbey is back from the dead.  Or is he?  Patrick Gordon, I mean, Patrick Crawley, I mean, Peter Gordon, I mean, P. Gordon — whoever the heck he is — has come from the frigid waters of the North Atlantic via Canada via a blast to the head in WWI.  Wow.  I feel for Edith.  If she really loved the guy before he went down with the Titanic, I’d like to see her get him back.  But even if Edith doesn’t, I find it hard to buy the line about “sounding Canadian.”  Somehow I don’t think six years in Canada would cure me of my Midwestern accent or mannerisms.  Why doesn’t Edith use her warming relationship with Mary to get Mary to set a trap for him to find out for sure?  Where are his parents?  Or birthmarks?  Let’s not all go loosing our heads here.  The war may now be over, but they’re still British, for Pete’s sake (no pun intended).  Keep calm and carry on.

Well, smack me upside the head and call me Shirley — O’Brien’s quoting scripture now.  Too bad she knows the one about borrowers and lenders but doesn’t know the one about love thy neighbor.

Bates returns from yet another visit to London with a cut and a black eye, and Bob’s your uncle!  Mrs. Bates finally meets that unfortunate accident I’ve been hoping for, but these circumstances mean Bates is headed for another criminal trial.  The next two things I’m about to say are horrible, so don’t read the rest of this paragraph if you don’t want your image of me tainted.  1) If I’m really honest, it would actually bring O’Brien up in my estimation if it turns out she did it to save her mistress and the house of Grantham.  2) The silver lining here is that Bates will get his money back.  And Sir Richard’s.

On another superficial level, have you noticed that Lady Mary is wearing the same evening dress over and over and over?  I’d say we’ve seen this same costume at least 6 times now.  Is this a sign of the war times or has she decided other things are more important?  Very interesting.  I confess, aside from the corsets, I can’t help but have costume envy.  Do you think this year, instead of bringing back 70s and 80s fashions, we could bring back 1910s?  Or 40s?  If someone could just show me how to do my hair like the Gibson Girl…  But I digress.

Sullen Matthew is indulging his sulky side, but smouldering suits him.  He has more growing of his own to do — just because he was a tiny bit more mature than Mary when he turned her down doesn’t mean that he’s nearly as mature as he needs to be.  Lord Grantham will be leaving him some mighty big shoes to fill, and I hope what he’s been through these last few years will help him get a few more things in perspective.  I have a feeling that Mary may need him up on his white horse as the future Count of Grantham to save her from certain doom with Sir Richard.  I’m definitely excited at the possibility of healing for him in the next episode.  The secrecy feels a bit Secret Garden, but I loved that movie.  Go Team Matthew!

Five down, only two more to go.  And they’re both two-hour episodes.  Fasten your seatbelts, folks!

2 Responses to “‘Downton Abbey’ s2/ep5”

  1. Amiee February 11, 2012 at 11:41 pm #

    Nice summary!!

    I agree about the whole Patrick Gordon or Patrick Crawley..or P ..whatever. Too many things don’t add up. But, I am wondering what “his story” is and how the lawyers will dissect it or if they will find out more information about P. Gordon. I think he was “hinting” that he wasn’t the real Patrick towards the end of is conversations with Edith. Or that’s sorta how I was taking it…

    I think the Earl feels a bit left out and that’s why he’s chatting up the maid. I’m not quite comfortable with it all.. but I wish Cora would stop ignoring him and that would definitely help!

    I think Mary and Matthew will always be close, no matter where their future lies.. I think that their relationship has grown a bit since season 1 and both characters have matured a bit… I think Mary could always be able to count on the future Earl of Grantham.

    • Jennifer White February 12, 2012 at 12:08 pm #

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I totally agree & can’t wait to see what happens tonight!

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