Christmas flick #8

17 Dec

Sleepless in Seattle

You can’t have one Hanks/Ryan Ephron film without the other.  Even though this film was released before You’ve Got Mail, I put it second in the list because this one doesn’t have any “bouquets of sharpened pencils” in it, so seasonally speaking I have to watch the other one first.

Sleepless in Seattle is romantic and dreamy and also a definite chick flick.  I adore how Sam treasured his wife while she was alive and continues to carry that treasure with him even though she’s gone.  His love for her keeps her alive, and helps me to remember how important and beautiful such a simple thing is.

The more you love, the more you hurt when loss happens.  Not hurting is what we should really be worried about.  And Annie discovers that loving people less, while much more in-place and less messy, makes what you have less valuable and meaningful.  She — and every other woman who hears the Christmas Eve broadcast — want a man who is capable of loving the most he can.  But it always requires a choice.  So what if you snag that kind of guy?  Will you be the same kind of person in return?  Are you willing to experience that kind of pain if anything happened to him?  It won’t be real if you don’t.  There’s always Mr. Okay if that’s not for you.  Is a life with Mr. Okay okay with you?

But I digress.

The classic shot of a Christmas light-adorned sailboat.  Annie’s late night stroll along a very cold pier.  The fabulous music (I’ve always felt the music makes the Ephron films).  The commercial with the “big red bow.”  Tiramisu.  The Dirty Dozen.  M.F.E.O.  Two hearts very far apart finding their way into the lives they were destined for.  Not the greatest movie of all time, but a pretty good chick flick nonetheless.

Just one more note before I close.  If you’re gonna go out and rent An Affair to Remember after you watch this — don’t.  Go out and rent Love Affair instead.  It’s the original, and far better.

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